Tuesday, September 23, 2014

(532) as sounding brass

                                                       16 Sep 2014

Good week! I keep trying to remind myself that I only have two weeks left and trying to make everything really dramatic...and everyone asks me how I feel...but I kind of still feel exactly the same as I did four months ago. Missionary work at the end of the day is the same on day 4 and day 137 and day 492....so it's been fun. We are working with SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE and I'm going to miss SO MANY AMAZING BAPTISMS so that's kind of sad, but other than that I'm pretty good.

We had a bit of a crazy week running back and forth, our new vehicle coordinator "Grandma Ned" has been lovingly restricting our miles, which honestly should have been done a long time ago, but she's actually enforcing it now, and she based it off of my first full month here when we had no investigators and we literally walked around all day looking for people to teach, so we had really awesome low miles. Through all of the car disaster we were kind of exempt with the zone leader's car...so this week has been rough. We had appointments all over the place, exchanges in Fremont, stake conference in South San Jose....so we might have to walk our last two weeks.

That being said it was a successful week! Our filipino family is praying about a date to be baptized, the mom wants to SO bad (she was very concerned about how she should pay her tithing of all things last week). I got to go to Fremont again on exchanges and teach SHIRLEY, the most amazing recent covert ever that we taught 9 months ago, so that was SO neat. She is incredible. Our family from the Congo is doing well too, we are going to teach them English tomorrow, and exchanging today again to teach them. The dad is here for a month so we are super excited to meet him, they'll probably be baptized next week instead just for logistics. She told us of a dream she had of three angels entering her home in Fremont and bringing a light with them, so cool. Especially since two missionaries and the member translating makes three :)

We also got to see how much the Book of Mormon has helped the family that we've been working with who just lost a son. The dad has been reading and he is just drawn to it, even though he is still torn between his Catholic family and what he's been reading, but he knows that it is good and that it's from God. He wants to go to church SO bad, so hopefully the rest of his family will have the courage to come as well. We had a great lesson with the daughter who is a recent convert, and talked about the power of the atonement to relieve our sorrows. We really don't have to carry around those burdens.

During exchanges we had a really great discussion about charity with Sister Stegelmeier. Her and Sister Neff are the exact same person (and previous companions), and Sister Monson and I are the exact same person, so it was cool to talk about our experiences and how we've adapted to our companions needs, and how all of our relationships with others boil down to charity. It doesn't matter if something our companion or friend does bothers us, we have an opportunity to stop and consider why they do what they do, and to assume that it is their way of helping or it's something that makes perfect sense to them. "Let all things be done with charity" really can mean so much if we really try. It's cool to see how things you've heard all your life really can be true for you.

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