Tuesday, September 23, 2014

(524) acts 17:27-29

                                8 Sep 2014

            Another long week...by last night Sister Neff couldn't keep a straight face when I would try to pray and all of my words would slur together because I was so tired...but that's okay, it's been worth it!
            We had a pretty standard week, it was a little all over the place since we had to go on exchanges for the french lesson and we had a surpise BAPTISM, so I got to go back to fremont a lot this week! Sierra, who was officially adopted by her family last year, moved out here and we started to teach her before I left, so she's been preparing for a while, but she finally decided to be baptized on Friday! So we got to go back and see everyone from Centerville, which is always nice when people remember you. Sometimes you go back to an old area and you are SO HAPPY TO SEE EVERYONE and they are like...what's your name again? Yeah. Life of a missionary. But everyone there missed me so that was good!           
            It turned into a bit of a zoo though, because to backtrack, we handed off our precious congolese family of eight to the fremont sisters, since they moved into central park (if it was anyone else in any other ward I don't know if I could give them up...). They decided to go on exchanges with the other sisters that day, so it got a little crazy but i ended up going and teaching with Sister Steglemeier, and we set a date for four of them for the 19th! The two oldest didn't set one yet, but they were able to come to the baptism on Friday...which involved a lot of phone tag in french (STRESS) and them showing up with no translator...so I had to translate the baptism into french and there were no empty chairs left...so it was a little crazy but everyone did a good job of going up and saying "bonjour!"
            We finally got to meet the son of our Filipino family that came to church last week, and the mom was so cute and asked us all of these questions about tithing (we're on lesson 3) about how she can pay it on her gross income and all of this stuff. She's so ready, I just keep praying that her husband gets off work so they can come to church and get a baptismal date! We played jenga on Friday with our vietnamese recent converts, who were going to make us pray in Vietnamese again (which I'm sure was hilarious) if we lost...but we forgot the instructions so they made me pray in French instead. but someday I'm going to figure that language out...
            The biggest thing I've been reflecting on this week was definitely the first principle of lesson one: that God is our loving Heavenly Father. We teach it and breeze over it so often, but we had some great lessons with some members who just had lost sight of how important they were to God. So many of us can't see how important we are, and so many of us think that thinking less of ourselves is humility. It's not! God has given us gifts and talents for a reason, and he expects us to love ourselves for who we are. I read a talk by Elder Scott this morning about the transforming power of faith and character" all about how character is woven through obedience, not during hard times in our lives. We become who we want to be by being who we want to become every day.
            #malbuproblem of the week: battery died on Saturday, at our ward mission leader's house, thank goodness. so Elder Arnell came with a bunch of stuff to clean off the corroded battery and we gave Elder Bills a heart attack thinking that he might have to bike for the last three weeks of his mission...but so far so good. Seriously. Ridiculous.

on that note got my flight plans on Saturday, I'll be in eugene at 3:20 on the first! It's weird how normal it feels...guess we'll find out when I actually get there. but so far so good!

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