Tuesday, September 23, 2014

(517) "moi, j'accepte"

                            1 Sep 2014

the week in numbers:
1st interview with president mella, they are such incredible people. So sad to leave now.
3 times our appointments have rescheduled this week (on average)
8 languages 
21 mosquito bites
3 times getting locked out of the church
12 hours of service (including cleaning up after a house fire)
9 investigators at church!!
            So our biggest miracles was definitely getting people to church, it was a ZOO yesterday running back and forth between wards to make sure everyone came, but still! it was incredible! It helps to be teaching our favorite family of 8 (six of which are investigators), they moved to the central park ward this week so we'll get to go on exchanges with the fremont sisters again (oh bummer) and teach them this week. We met with them on tuesday ("have you read a bit from the book of mormon?" "of course, every day") and again on Sunday during Sunday School, where we asked them about baptism and the mom said ME, I ACCEPT and then went around to each one of her kids and asked them. Two still want to learn a little more first, but they should (hopefully) be ready before I go home!
            Our other favorite family from the Phillippines came as well, he has been having trouble getting off work but they walked in late and our amazing fellowshipper just swooped in and took them to class, and then we had a potluck after that was literally entirely Filipino food (so good). so they made friends with half of the ward, and they are completely sold (if they weren't already). So we'll get to meet with their ten-year old son this week too! #FAMILIES
            OH and we contacted the cutest Chinese family a couple of months ago and referred them to the chinese elders, she didn't speak any english and her husband's was really broken but he was able to tell us that they were interested and she wanted to do missionary work like us, it was so cute, so we explained about calllings in the church. Anyway, this was back in July, and we hadn't heard anything from the elders, but we were in milpitas sacrament meeting and saw them walk in looking a little lost, so we walked out and then they recognized me! they have a two year old boy too, and she LOVED church, she was so grateful. SO MANY MIRACLES!
            Those were definitely the highlights, we spent a lot of time running back and forth between wards this week...and getting attacked by mosquitoes while an Indian man is teaching us different meditation/breathing techniques while we are trying to teach him about the Savior's earthly ministry...yeah. The vietnamese elders had been helping us teach our recent converts who just moved from Vietnam this summer and started school last week, so english is still difficult for them. We tricked them into praying in english while they were teaching us how to pray in vietnamese...which was probably hilarious, since we don't know any of the tones. But it worked. 

            It was definitely a rougher week getting people to teach, but we saw a lot of progression with the ones we are teaching, so that was really exciting. Sunday itself...we went to church, taughtsunday school in french, then I translated for a Spanish baptism that Sister Neff played the piano for, and then we found a BRAZILIAN that we have an appointment with on friday! Any more and my head might have exploded, but it was fun. and we hiked mission peak again today with the fremont zone, except we woke up 15 minutes after they left so we got to hike all the way up by ourselves until we caught up at the top. but we basically get to hang out with both zones so it's been really nice. anyway, it's been a good week!

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