Tuesday, September 23, 2014

(510) are you sleeping through the earthquake?

25 Aug 2014

So there is probably going to be a moment when it'll all sink in that this is my last week and everything...but it hasn't hit yet. It's going to be in the middle of something random and then I'll become a depressed, blubbering mess...but so far so good! Still feels like a normal week.

We had a great week last week, it was a bit all over the place again since we ended up going on exchanges twice, we're still teaching the family in French so I've gone up to fremont every week this transfer...I'm so spoiled. Plus I get to work with Sister Monson again, which is always the best day ever. We had a lot of luck this week meeting new less-actives to teach, there is always a point where we visit the same people for awhile but they never progress, so we need to start finding more, and we've seen a lot of success this week. I tend to be better at finding investigators to teach, but we've put a lot of thought and prayer into finding less-actives, and we saw some success this week.
On a lighter note, I totally forgot to tell you about our adventure last week. So I'm sure you've picked up on the nasty habit I've developed of locking myself out of places...especially church buildings....so we had the great idea of staying down at the san jose building after morning sports to study and go down to service, and then come up to fremont to change at lunch. Conserved miles and time, so we made this giant bowl of oatmeal in the kitchen and had a nice hour of personal study, and then went to the bathroom to brush our teeth and locked ourselves out of the classroom that we were in. This time not only our phone and car keys were in there...but our shoes....so the only phone number I could remember was the Fremont sisters so we called them from the ancient foyer phone and got the hermanas' number, who came and got a member to come unlock the classroom door. So. Awkward. It would be funny if it didn't happen every other week...
AND WE ATE BALUT! It's the fertilized egg, baby duck thing that filipinos always eat, and all these missionaries tell stories about eating it and throwing up, so I sort of volunteered us to eat it with Sister Nicolas ("We've never tried it before!" "Oh, sister then I will feed it to you!" *why-did-you-say-that-death-glare from sister neff*). but it was actually really good! We were expecting it to be all gross but it just tasted like egg...with a little baby thing inside. Anyway, it was sort of anticlimactic.
Our investigators are doing well, but I'll miss at least TEN baptisms that are hopefully all happening now next transfer, which is a little sad, but at least they are want to be baptized. It's amazing how the success I can track on my mission has grown exponentially throughout the last year and a half. There are so many indicators for success, but the biggest thing has just been recognizing how many people are prepared to receive the restored gospel, and how many people we can pass by without even knowing it. So. Many. People. We find them every day! We were looking through the area book, and the place where we lose people the most is getting their phone number and they never call back or we never get an appointment. We had pages and pages of potential investigators just in the few months that I've been here, and just to think that all of them said that they'd like to learn more. Just an inkling of interest or curiosity...so then how many people in our everyday lives would say yes if we asked?

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