Tuesday, August 19, 2014

(503) our useless cares from us to drive

18AUG 2014

goodness. last transfer.

We had quite the week. the best moment for me when I looked at our list of investigators and realized that all those progressing are families. Mom, dad, kids....I don't think that has ever happened my whole mission. Pretty sure all I did was say a half-hearted prayer/wish that we could teach more families...and they just came. It's no coincidence that the Lord says more often than anything else in the scriptures, "ask and ye shall receive." Miracles upon miracles.

As missionaries we read from Doctrine and Covenants section 4 all the time...where it compares missionary work to a field ready to harvest. Two transfers ago, I got plunked in a pretty barren desert, if you will, but the seeds of the gospel will take root anywhere, even if you have to dig deep. I keep talking about how hard we've worked..but we finally are seeing all of it grow. Time to harvest! We have so many people who are SO prepared and could get baptized this next transfer. 

We had a good week, our new family is from the Philippines, we met the mom a couple weeks ago, one of those contacts where we were late to dinner with the bishop so we were speedwalking and kinda sorta contacting, but we were late, but we stopped to talk to her anyway and set up a time really fast to come back the next day. Most times they tend to fall through, but we met with her that weekend and taught her the Restoration, and this week we met her husband! They have a new baby and a 10 year old boy, and they worked so hard to come to the States and they have seen the Lord bless them so much already. We talked about being sealed in temple the first lesson that we had with them, and she prayed that he could get off work on Sundays and that we wouldn't get tired of visiting them! They are amazing!

We didn't get to meet with the family from the Congo, but the kids all came to church and I translated...ish...for sacrament for the 14 year old....So bad.

*giant long story about getting trapped by an octopus that related to the gospel*
"A man...went to the beach...and got stuck underwater by an (octopus)...so we should always read our scriptures"

Yeah it probably went over really well. Better than nothing I guess.Sister Savila is going back to Samoa tomorrow, SO weird, so I'll be getting a new companion for my last six weeks! we'll find out tomorrow...

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