Wednesday, August 13, 2014

(496) les tendres misericordes

                                           11 Aug 2014

okay so big news this week: we have FRENCH SPEAKING INVESTIGATORS


So it was kind of a mess to figure it out, but a member asked Sister Savila if any missionaries spoke French, and she forgot to let me know until later on in the week, so we had to figure out who the member was, call them (they had already moved back to Utah), and figure out that there was a family from the Congo who had been coming to church with her aunt and wanted to know more, and only spoke French. The elders had met them and set up an appointment with a french speaking member, that they gave to us once they realized I spoke french, and so 24 hours later I had to teach the restoration in French....that I haven't studied for 5 years...with gospel vocabulary I never learned...but we made it through! The member served his mission there so he took care of most of the explanation, and by Sunday I was able to study a bit and was able to kinda sorta teach le plan de salut. Crazy. but it is coming back all right, once we get some pamphlets or something I'll be able to figure more out.

but it was such a testimony to me (like I was mentioning about specific talents, Mom) of how much the Lord uses everything we have to offer. Even the most random talents or strengths you feel that you might have, the Lord truly magnifies them. I never would have had as many experiences as I've had here to teach in (every other language than my mission language) and make so many connections with people that I would have never expected. We seriously haven't taught any native english speakers this week at all. It's been SO much fun and I've learned so much. Even if chinese speakers can still only understand one sentence I can say in chinese...we've come a long way.

It was a hard week to get people to meet with us. Love them all to death but they are SO flaky...but we worked SO hard for our numbers this week. Almost every single person we've contacted or taught has lived outside of our area, which is great...but means there is no continuity. We had the neatest experience yesterday though, our appointments fell through (of course) and our backup was to contact in mission peak...and there was literally no one outside. No one even driving, but we decided to do it anyway! and one lady we met LET US INSIDE. whaaaat. No contacts ever do that...and we taught her the restoration, and she figured out that we were from the same church as the elders that she had met last week that she wanted to get in touch with her son but had lost their phone many miracles. She is so awesome. so we've got a lot to look forward too!

we did get up at 330 this morning to go hike mission peak for the sunrise, which was a blast but we'll probably be a little dead tomorrow. It's Sister Savila's last week, so we are planning to work our hearts out, she has SO much faith and dedication, so I'm excited. It'll be bittersweet!

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