Tuesday, August 5, 2014

(489) throwback Tuesday

                       4 Aug 2014

this week was fabulous, we started off with an amazing lesson with a less active we recently found; it's so neat to plan someone in to stop by and see the Lord prepare them to meet with us. It was the perfect time and she really needed our testimonies of the Atonement. It just kills me how many people's names are out there on a list somewhere and they just get forgotten. So many people would come back to church if they were invited.
Tuesday I got to go to FREMONT with SISTER MONSON and it was so much fun! Weird to be in an old area with an old companion (who is now my stl haha), but it was a blast. We went to my favorite restaurant to get pho, and then visited a less active and her friend that I taught a year ago that moved back in. Plus we had a referral to visit from a ward member in Milpitas who wasn't sure if she would even let us in...she not only let us in but we talked all about the Plan of Salvation and she let us set a return appointment. This completely shocked her friend, but honestly was an incredible testimony to her of how she and the Lord were preparing her friend to receive the gospel, or at least the missionaries. We'll see! If the spirit prompts you to consider a friend, go with it! You may be surprised who around you is prepared.
We had a great week after that! we picked up some new investigators, including a filipino family who is SO sweet. her husband comes back into town and she is so excited to talk to him about it. We'll see! The hardest thing lately has been getting appointments with all of the people who want to learn more...which is frustrating, but this week was a lot better than usual. Probably because we still have the elders' corolla....the shop we took it into apparently ruined the engine...so we are going on week three. Never Buy A Chevy Malibu. Ever.

Sister Savila's time is running out, it's already week 5...she goes home on the 20th! which  means that the transfer is almost up...which starts all of the "last time I'll ___" which is not very fun to think about, but at the same time, all good things have to come to an end eventually (except families and the gospel of course). So it'll be nice to work hard and enjoy the last little bit!

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