Tuesday, August 5, 2014

(482) malibu problems.

                                28 Jul 2014

Well this week was one of those slower weeks were we could catch up and follow up on a lot of our potentials, but it was probably a good thing. We had some time to focus more on our investigators that really were prepared to progress, one of which came to CHURCH! He's from Iran originally but went to BYU...and didn't get baptized (shout out to all of my friends at byu...there are people out there! go find them!). Anyway, he is really open and really willing to learn, it's nice to find people who are "honest seekers of truth." He had a great time at church and our former mission president member is willing to fellowship (dream come trueeeee), so we are excited to see where that goes!
adventures for the week.....car shares....are really obnoxious. The elders were trying to be all generous and masochistic and bike all week (okay one of them....the other wasn't quite so thrilled). After the car disaster last Sunday and the subsequent towage on Monday, the car was in the shop until "thursday"....yeah it had to be taken to a dealer in san jose and then to stevens' creek, so we'll see if we ever see tiago again. It's totally my fault, I wasn't grateful for the malibu so this is a "count your blessings" moment. Although I am totally fine driving around the elder's corolla forever, it ended up kind of a nightmare when we ended up stranded at the bus stop on saturday night waiting for the elders to show up. But that's okay, we made it home eventually. Sister Savila doesn't know how to ride a bike so we might be walking a lot this week, we'll see. It did reach 98 degrees last week so I don't think the elders really want to bike that much.
other highlights: getting invited to a filipino birthday party for dinner (I'm still full) and three dinners in a row on tuesday....okay I wanted to die. we went out to lunch and we splurged for ice cream...then we got a "snack" at our samoan part-members' home (yeah...salmon and pizza and who knows what else) and then we went straight for dinner. let's just say I had salad for breakfast for three days...At least it all tastes good.

We had zone conference on Wednesday and President and Sister Mella are AMAZING. They really focus on the "enduring to the end" aspect of missionary work, and getting people to church and really raising our vision for baptisms here, which can totally happen. We had breakout sessions where he gave us advice on roleplays, and he is such a great teacher. Plus Sister Mella said we can paint our fingernails...which after 16 months of the same outfits DREAM COME TRUE. I'm just so sad that I'll only have them for two transfers. We played laser tag with their boys last week (okay they smoked all of us) but they came out to play mini golf with us and it was so much fun. They are amazing.

this week should be exciting, I get to go on exchanges back to FREMONT! SO happy. we got to drive through to visit a chinese member for dinner (who complimented by chopsticks skills, thanks dad) and it was so weird to be back. even though we still got lost...whoops.

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