Tuesday, August 19, 2014

(503) our useless cares from us to drive

18AUG 2014

goodness. last transfer.

We had quite the week. the best moment for me when I looked at our list of investigators and realized that all those progressing are families. Mom, dad, kids....I don't think that has ever happened my whole mission. Pretty sure all I did was say a half-hearted prayer/wish that we could teach more families...and they just came. It's no coincidence that the Lord says more often than anything else in the scriptures, "ask and ye shall receive." Miracles upon miracles.

As missionaries we read from Doctrine and Covenants section 4 all the time...where it compares missionary work to a field ready to harvest. Two transfers ago, I got plunked in a pretty barren desert, if you will, but the seeds of the gospel will take root anywhere, even if you have to dig deep. I keep talking about how hard we've worked..but we finally are seeing all of it grow. Time to harvest! We have so many people who are SO prepared and could get baptized this next transfer. 

We had a good week, our new family is from the Philippines, we met the mom a couple weeks ago, one of those contacts where we were late to dinner with the bishop so we were speedwalking and kinda sorta contacting, but we were late, but we stopped to talk to her anyway and set up a time really fast to come back the next day. Most times they tend to fall through, but we met with her that weekend and taught her the Restoration, and this week we met her husband! They have a new baby and a 10 year old boy, and they worked so hard to come to the States and they have seen the Lord bless them so much already. We talked about being sealed in temple the first lesson that we had with them, and she prayed that he could get off work on Sundays and that we wouldn't get tired of visiting them! They are amazing!

We didn't get to meet with the family from the Congo, but the kids all came to church and I translated...ish...for sacrament for the 14 year old....So bad.

*giant long story about getting trapped by an octopus that related to the gospel*
"A man...went to the beach...and got stuck underwater by an (octopus)...so we should always read our scriptures"

Yeah it probably went over really well. Better than nothing I guess.Sister Savila is going back to Samoa tomorrow, SO weird, so I'll be getting a new companion for my last six weeks! we'll find out tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

(496) les tendres misericordes

                                           11 Aug 2014

okay so big news this week: we have FRENCH SPEAKING INVESTIGATORS


So it was kind of a mess to figure it out, but a member asked Sister Savila if any missionaries spoke French, and she forgot to let me know until later on in the week, so we had to figure out who the member was, call them (they had already moved back to Utah), and figure out that there was a family from the Congo who had been coming to church with her aunt and wanted to know more, and only spoke French. The elders had met them and set up an appointment with a french speaking member, that they gave to us once they realized I spoke french, and so 24 hours later I had to teach the restoration in French....that I haven't studied for 5 years...with gospel vocabulary I never learned...but we made it through! The member served his mission there so he took care of most of the explanation, and by Sunday I was able to study a bit and was able to kinda sorta teach le plan de salut. Crazy. but it is coming back all right, once we get some pamphlets or something I'll be able to figure more out.

but it was such a testimony to me (like I was mentioning about specific talents, Mom) of how much the Lord uses everything we have to offer. Even the most random talents or strengths you feel that you might have, the Lord truly magnifies them. I never would have had as many experiences as I've had here to teach in (every other language than my mission language) and make so many connections with people that I would have never expected. We seriously haven't taught any native english speakers this week at all. It's been SO much fun and I've learned so much. Even if chinese speakers can still only understand one sentence I can say in chinese...we've come a long way.

It was a hard week to get people to meet with us. Love them all to death but they are SO flaky...but we worked SO hard for our numbers this week. Almost every single person we've contacted or taught has lived outside of our area, which is great...but means there is no continuity. We had the neatest experience yesterday though, our appointments fell through (of course) and our backup was to contact in mission peak...and there was literally no one outside. No one even driving, but we decided to do it anyway! and one lady we met LET US INSIDE. whaaaat. No contacts ever do that...and we taught her the restoration, and she figured out that we were from the same church as the elders that she had met last week that she wanted to get in touch with her son but had lost their phone number....so many miracles. She is so awesome. so we've got a lot to look forward too!

we did get up at 330 this morning to go hike mission peak for the sunrise, which was a blast but we'll probably be a little dead tomorrow. It's Sister Savila's last week, so we are planning to work our hearts out, she has SO much faith and dedication, so I'm excited. It'll be bittersweet!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

(489) throwback Tuesday

                       4 Aug 2014

this week was fabulous, we started off with an amazing lesson with a less active we recently found; it's so neat to plan someone in to stop by and see the Lord prepare them to meet with us. It was the perfect time and she really needed our testimonies of the Atonement. It just kills me how many people's names are out there on a list somewhere and they just get forgotten. So many people would come back to church if they were invited.
Tuesday I got to go to FREMONT with SISTER MONSON and it was so much fun! Weird to be in an old area with an old companion (who is now my stl haha), but it was a blast. We went to my favorite restaurant to get pho, and then visited a less active and her friend that I taught a year ago that moved back in. Plus we had a referral to visit from a ward member in Milpitas who wasn't sure if she would even let us in...she not only let us in but we talked all about the Plan of Salvation and she let us set a return appointment. This completely shocked her friend, but honestly was an incredible testimony to her of how she and the Lord were preparing her friend to receive the gospel, or at least the missionaries. We'll see! If the spirit prompts you to consider a friend, go with it! You may be surprised who around you is prepared.
We had a great week after that! we picked up some new investigators, including a filipino family who is SO sweet. her husband comes back into town and she is so excited to talk to him about it. We'll see! The hardest thing lately has been getting appointments with all of the people who want to learn more...which is frustrating, but this week was a lot better than usual. Probably because we still have the elders' corolla....the shop we took it into apparently ruined the engine...so we are going on week three. Never Buy A Chevy Malibu. Ever.

Sister Savila's time is running out, it's already week 5...she goes home on the 20th! which  means that the transfer is almost up...which starts all of the "last time I'll ___" which is not very fun to think about, but at the same time, all good things have to come to an end eventually (except families and the gospel of course). So it'll be nice to work hard and enjoy the last little bit!

(482) malibu problems.

                                28 Jul 2014

Well this week was one of those slower weeks were we could catch up and follow up on a lot of our potentials, but it was probably a good thing. We had some time to focus more on our investigators that really were prepared to progress, one of which came to CHURCH! He's from Iran originally but went to BYU...and didn't get baptized (shout out to all of my friends at byu...there are people out there! go find them!). Anyway, he is really open and really willing to learn, it's nice to find people who are "honest seekers of truth." He had a great time at church and our former mission president member is willing to fellowship (dream come trueeeee), so we are excited to see where that goes!
adventures for the week.....car shares....are really obnoxious. The elders were trying to be all generous and masochistic and bike all week (okay one of them....the other wasn't quite so thrilled). After the car disaster last Sunday and the subsequent towage on Monday, the car was in the shop until "thursday"....yeah it had to be taken to a dealer in san jose and then to stevens' creek, so we'll see if we ever see tiago again. It's totally my fault, I wasn't grateful for the malibu so this is a "count your blessings" moment. Although I am totally fine driving around the elder's corolla forever, it ended up kind of a nightmare when we ended up stranded at the bus stop on saturday night waiting for the elders to show up. But that's okay, we made it home eventually. Sister Savila doesn't know how to ride a bike so we might be walking a lot this week, we'll see. It did reach 98 degrees last week so I don't think the elders really want to bike that much.
other highlights: getting invited to a filipino birthday party for dinner (I'm still full) and three dinners in a row on tuesday....okay I wanted to die. we went out to lunch and we splurged for ice cream...then we got a "snack" at our samoan part-members' home (yeah...salmon and pizza and who knows what else) and then we went straight for dinner. let's just say I had salad for breakfast for three days...At least it all tastes good.

We had zone conference on Wednesday and President and Sister Mella are AMAZING. They really focus on the "enduring to the end" aspect of missionary work, and getting people to church and really raising our vision for baptisms here, which can totally happen. We had breakout sessions where he gave us advice on roleplays, and he is such a great teacher. Plus Sister Mella said we can paint our fingernails...which after 16 months of the same outfits DREAM COME TRUE. I'm just so sad that I'll only have them for two transfers. We played laser tag with their boys last week (okay they smoked all of us) but they came out to play mini golf with us and it was so much fun. They are amazing.

this week should be exciting, I get to go on exchanges back to FREMONT! SO happy. we got to drive through to visit a chinese member for dinner (who complimented by chopsticks skills, thanks dad) and it was so weird to be back. even though we still got lost...whoops.