Friday, July 25, 2014


                                                      14 Jul 2014

this week was SUCH a blur. It ended up kind of all over the place, but we came out of it with a few new investigators and a lot of potential lined up for this week, which is good! I honestly don't even remember what really happened.

So our mission is doing a rescue pilot program, so we work with a lot of less active families, and I've never been good at finding less actives to teach. A lot of missionaries get stuck in the rut of visiting the same families that don't really progress but just like the missionaries coming I'm usually the one that comes into the area and drops a lot of it's been nice to come to an area well-established with less actives to teach. Some of them aren't progressing too much, but there are quite a few that we've been able to visit and see them light back up with the gospel. One older FIlipino lady seemed to be completely uninterested in reading or doing much besides listening, but she's started to read the scriptures as we've taught her the lessons and ask a lot of questions she had, and you can see the light come back! Maybe someday we'll even get her to church, we'll see.

Our investigator pool has dried up a bit, so we are back to square 1 in finding again, but we prayed SO hard for help yesterday and while we were waiting for an appointment that seemed to not show up, we started chatting with a high-school aged kid who has a friend that joined the church last year, and were able to teach him the whole restoration, and then our potential showed up late so we taught him as well! and we get to break out the telegu and farsi book of mormons again, yay! LOVE fremont. We found the cutest chinese family for the elders last night...I just wish I could actually speak chinese. Someday. We also got fed by a Samoan family (twice) last week, she has no interest in coming back to church but it's her "duty" to feed us and there are always non members there, which is awesome! and really good food....naturally. I was full for like two days. Maybe three. Anyway, it was a good week!

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