Tuesday, July 8, 2014

(461) happy fourth

                                              7 Jul 2014
Well this fourth of july was little less eventful than last year (when hermana anderson got her kidney stone), thank goodness. We had a LONG week but it was good! I started a new planner so I already forgot everything that happened...I'll do my best.
First off we got to meet President and Sister Mella, who are amazing! They are going to be so good for our mission, they are so humble, both returned missionaries, and both so excited to be here. I'm sad we won't get much time with them, but it'll be nice while it lasts (like one zone conference and one interview...but that's okay). He served in San Diego and she served in Japan, and he was a convert at age 18 from the catholic church! So he has a great background and told some amazing stories. 
Our area has been doing good, I've been trying to slow down a little bit...literally (I walk a little fast...and Sister Savila has to catch up a lot). but really, our area has finally gotten off the ground so it's been nice to see. Although I've never been SO exhausted in my whole life...but the closer the end gets the faster we can sprint right? (we can sleep when we are dead in 2 transfers)
One of the Milpitas elders is going home tomorrow, so they were completely stressed/freaking out this week and we had to save their lives like three times. The first was for a wedding they had on Saturday, we frosted and decorated their cakes (which was quite the challenge with two cakes and two cans of pillsbury frosting at 900 pm on Friday night), but the wedding was so simple and so sweet, the same spirit that is present at baptisms just filled the whole room. It was nice to see how the Lord recognizes the promise that they make to each other, even though it was a civil wedding. Later that day the elders had a miracle baptism as well, so it was quite the day and we had to go start the water and fill the font for them...but everything turned out great so it was fine. Found and completely prepared by members, which was so neat to watch. 
Our investigators are plugging along, it's hard to retain a lot of the new ones we've found lately, but we are working hard! and the world cup has given us a great conversation starter with all of our contacting
"hey are you watching the world cup? how is brazil?"
"oh that's great, you see, we can't watch tv"
"oh we're actually missionaries for our church"
It's been going pretty well so far.
also ate 3 chilies for dinner at a malai members' home...one of the elders got through one and almost died. I think I've discovered a newfound talent!

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