Tuesday, July 1, 2014

(454) #found

                                                                        30 June 2014

so our zone has made it a goal to find new investigators this month, which has been awesome, we've been working SO hard and our numbers have been leading the mission in some areas, which never happens. Most of the new investigators we've been getting have dropped or are hard to get in contact with, so we didn't expect much out of the ones we've picked up recently


we called one on Saturday to invite him to church, and he said he would come (like everyone else) but he actually came!! and the ward scooped him up, we couldn't even get out the door without everyone introducing themselves, and we had to leave to teach 3rd hour in Mission Peak so they all took care of it. We taught him the Restoration that afternoon at our ward mission leader's home, and the Spirit was so strong, it was SUCH a preach my gospel lesson, it was amazing! Miracles!

We also had another miracle this week, a potential that was kind of sketchy, we didn't think he was really interested, that we gave a Book of Mormon to. We dropped by on Wednesday and he was actually home and wanted to meet with us and said he was studying repentance in the Book of Mormon, and talking to his (less active) friend about turning his life around, and maybe that he should try coming to church, maybe he's meant to be a Mormon. Um Okay. Sure. We can help you with that. !! We set a baptismal date for him and made plans for him to get involved and help him quit smoking, it was incredible! that never happens! AND HE'S IN MISSION PEAK! woo!

So it was nice to see the fruits of some of our labors this week. Since it's already been a TRANSFER...not even real. We are meeting our new mission president tomorrow morning! Crazy.  We also met with the Fremont stake president (who is incredible) and we've been making a lot of progress in our area, especially expanding into Fremont, so it's been a long ride. Next week is transfers, which means it's Sister Savila's last one! I guess my strategy now is to just completely work myself into the ground so by the time I have to go home I'll be so tired that I'll be happy to, just so I can go home and sleep for days. We'll see how it goes.

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