Friday, July 25, 2014

(474) #12

                                   21 Jul 2014
So. Many. Miracles.
Where to begin. Last week during weekly planning, we were looking at our board of people to visit and it just seemed like a dead end. We had gathered a lot of new investigators last transfer but they had all flaked out or were too busy to meet with us, and we didn't have a lot going for us this week. So we decided (however uncharacteristic of me) to set a CRAZY goal and find 12 new investigators this week. We had a few people in mind, but most of it was completely on faith. We just prayed and decided it would happen, and went for it!
WE WORKED SO HARD. Our zone had a fast on Wednesday to find a new baptismal date, and all four assistants came up and worked with the elders for the day, and almost everyone got a new date! Except us..but we found four new investigators that day, and that was the miracle we needed. The rest of the week completely just fell into place, it was incredible. I really felt for the first time in awhile that the Lord was planning out our week and placing people in our path, I think because I had to make a conscious effort to listen to the spirit. Sister Jensen would always say that missionary work is just guess work without the Spirit, and it's so true. So I did my best to go visit the random people that came to mind, and it worked! Someday I'll be as good as Sister Monson! so we ended up with 12 total, which was absolutely insane. SO blessed this week. Once we acknowledge that this isn't our work at all, miracles can happen. 

My favorite favorite new investigators are 13 and 10, their family just moved here from Brownsville? Oregon! Just north of Harrisburg I guess, they have a branch up there. The mom and oldest daughter are members, and the dad is super supportive but wasn't interested in baptism four years ago when they joined. The younger daughters just wanted more time to understand things thoroughly. We had the best lesson with them, we drew pictures of the pre-earth life and talked about being "princesses", and I guess when their mom came home they just gushed about how much they loved it, so now we are having dinner with them again this week and we'll get to meet the dad! 

On the normal side of things...being with the Malibu and all, the engine overheated yesterday when we were on our way to dinner up in our beloved zone leaders had to break the sabbath and go buy engine coolant and come rescue us way out of their area...and we made it home in time for the rest of the coolant to leak out of the engine all over the parking lot. So we got to get the car towed this morning and got some extra companionship bonding time waiting for an hour and a half outside of our area yesterday. Woo. So we are now car sharing with the mission peak elders for today so far. at least we get to drive the corolla and listen to chinese audio recordings all day! yay for adventures...we hadn't had one in quite a while. Pictures to come next week (I promise I'll try to (make Sister Savila) take more, I've been SO bad this transfer).


                                                      14 Jul 2014

this week was SUCH a blur. It ended up kind of all over the place, but we came out of it with a few new investigators and a lot of potential lined up for this week, which is good! I honestly don't even remember what really happened.

So our mission is doing a rescue pilot program, so we work with a lot of less active families, and I've never been good at finding less actives to teach. A lot of missionaries get stuck in the rut of visiting the same families that don't really progress but just like the missionaries coming I'm usually the one that comes into the area and drops a lot of it's been nice to come to an area well-established with less actives to teach. Some of them aren't progressing too much, but there are quite a few that we've been able to visit and see them light back up with the gospel. One older FIlipino lady seemed to be completely uninterested in reading or doing much besides listening, but she's started to read the scriptures as we've taught her the lessons and ask a lot of questions she had, and you can see the light come back! Maybe someday we'll even get her to church, we'll see.

Our investigator pool has dried up a bit, so we are back to square 1 in finding again, but we prayed SO hard for help yesterday and while we were waiting for an appointment that seemed to not show up, we started chatting with a high-school aged kid who has a friend that joined the church last year, and were able to teach him the whole restoration, and then our potential showed up late so we taught him as well! and we get to break out the telegu and farsi book of mormons again, yay! LOVE fremont. We found the cutest chinese family for the elders last night...I just wish I could actually speak chinese. Someday. We also got fed by a Samoan family (twice) last week, she has no interest in coming back to church but it's her "duty" to feed us and there are always non members there, which is awesome! and really good food....naturally. I was full for like two days. Maybe three. Anyway, it was a good week!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

(461) happy fourth

                                              7 Jul 2014
Well this fourth of july was little less eventful than last year (when hermana anderson got her kidney stone), thank goodness. We had a LONG week but it was good! I started a new planner so I already forgot everything that happened...I'll do my best.
First off we got to meet President and Sister Mella, who are amazing! They are going to be so good for our mission, they are so humble, both returned missionaries, and both so excited to be here. I'm sad we won't get much time with them, but it'll be nice while it lasts (like one zone conference and one interview...but that's okay). He served in San Diego and she served in Japan, and he was a convert at age 18 from the catholic church! So he has a great background and told some amazing stories. 
Our area has been doing good, I've been trying to slow down a little bit...literally (I walk a little fast...and Sister Savila has to catch up a lot). but really, our area has finally gotten off the ground so it's been nice to see. Although I've never been SO exhausted in my whole life...but the closer the end gets the faster we can sprint right? (we can sleep when we are dead in 2 transfers)
One of the Milpitas elders is going home tomorrow, so they were completely stressed/freaking out this week and we had to save their lives like three times. The first was for a wedding they had on Saturday, we frosted and decorated their cakes (which was quite the challenge with two cakes and two cans of pillsbury frosting at 900 pm on Friday night), but the wedding was so simple and so sweet, the same spirit that is present at baptisms just filled the whole room. It was nice to see how the Lord recognizes the promise that they make to each other, even though it was a civil wedding. Later that day the elders had a miracle baptism as well, so it was quite the day and we had to go start the water and fill the font for them...but everything turned out great so it was fine. Found and completely prepared by members, which was so neat to watch. 
Our investigators are plugging along, it's hard to retain a lot of the new ones we've found lately, but we are working hard! and the world cup has given us a great conversation starter with all of our contacting
"hey are you watching the world cup? how is brazil?"
"oh that's great, you see, we can't watch tv"
"oh we're actually missionaries for our church"
It's been going pretty well so far.
also ate 3 chilies for dinner at a malai members' of the elders got through one and almost died. I think I've discovered a newfound talent!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

(454) #found

                                                                        30 June 2014

so our zone has made it a goal to find new investigators this month, which has been awesome, we've been working SO hard and our numbers have been leading the mission in some areas, which never happens. Most of the new investigators we've been getting have dropped or are hard to get in contact with, so we didn't expect much out of the ones we've picked up recently


we called one on Saturday to invite him to church, and he said he would come (like everyone else) but he actually came!! and the ward scooped him up, we couldn't even get out the door without everyone introducing themselves, and we had to leave to teach 3rd hour in Mission Peak so they all took care of it. We taught him the Restoration that afternoon at our ward mission leader's home, and the Spirit was so strong, it was SUCH a preach my gospel lesson, it was amazing! Miracles!

We also had another miracle this week, a potential that was kind of sketchy, we didn't think he was really interested, that we gave a Book of Mormon to. We dropped by on Wednesday and he was actually home and wanted to meet with us and said he was studying repentance in the Book of Mormon, and talking to his (less active) friend about turning his life around, and maybe that he should try coming to church, maybe he's meant to be a Mormon. Um Okay. Sure. We can help you with that. !! We set a baptismal date for him and made plans for him to get involved and help him quit smoking, it was incredible! that never happens! AND HE'S IN MISSION PEAK! woo!

So it was nice to see the fruits of some of our labors this week. Since it's already been a TRANSFER...not even real. We are meeting our new mission president tomorrow morning! Crazy.  We also met with the Fremont stake president (who is incredible) and we've been making a lot of progress in our area, especially expanding into Fremont, so it's been a long ride. Next week is transfers, which means it's Sister Savila's last one! I guess my strategy now is to just completely work myself into the ground so by the time I have to go home I'll be so tired that I'll be happy to, just so I can go home and sleep for days. We'll see how it goes.