Monday, June 23, 2014

(448) "To reach a goal never attained, you must do things you've never done" - Elder Richard G. Scott

23 June 2014

Sorry this is going to be a short email, I've run out of time. BUT we had a great week! Lots of improvement! We finally got in to see a lot more people this week, and made some great progress getting to know more ward members and finding some more new investigators. It was one of those weeks where we worked so hard the whole time and didn't really stop for air until the end of the week when I realized that we actually met and exceeded a lot of our goals, so that was a nice surprise.

We also got to go on exchanges this week, so I got to be in Las Colinas for a day (and we set a baptismal date with the most AMAZING woman, I miss being in Spanish SO much), my very first exchange with an STL (on month 15? yeah...). Anyway it was really fun! It was hard to be away from this area for a was like leaving my newborn child, I've realized that I've become kind of obsessive and could probably slow down a bit, but that's okay. The closer the end gets the harder I've been working, and the more utterly exhausted I've been every night, but it's a good feeling. (Plus Mom I've been running every morning for 25 minutes, you should be so proud!)

We have two investigators preparing for baptism, one is moving to Palo Alto (bummer) but the other is really excited for July 12th, so we are preparing her for that! The Mission Peak ward has been amazingly supportive, we have an incredible bishop and I got to speak on Sunday, and the bishop offered to have us teach 5th Sunday lesson from Preach my Gospel (!! DREAM COME TRUE), so I am so excited for the work in that ward! Things are looking up!

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