Tuesday, June 10, 2014

(434) wo shi cooper jiamai

                 10 June 2014

sorry this letter is going to be a little short...we went to santa cruz again yesterday. 

We had SUCH an amazing week though. It was one of the first times in a while that I've really had to get down on my knees and flat out plead for miracles, I love this area and the people here, but we really needed a fresh start and some new investigators. We set goals as a companionship and later as a zone to find a new investigator every day, so every day we planned to find our new investigator..and it worked. miracles. SEVEN! (one of them was for the spanish sisters, but it still counts) Faith is an amazing thing. Do all you can and then petition the Lord for his help, it happens.

We've been doing a lot of housekeeping this week (figuratively and literally, I had to do my requisite purge of the supplies cabinet and send two boxes of stuff to the mission office), but our area is officially color-coordinated and organized, so I can finally breathe normally. We had a really fun week though, it's amazing how happy I've been here. I think I've really just learned how to love hard work. I love that they include that in the For the strength of Youth now. It really is a Christlike attribute. Because we are certainly busy, I haven't been this exhausted since Los Alamitos! Plus I've been running every morning and I totally made Sister Savila run home twice this week because we had to be home by nine and got carried away...but we made it!

I also started studying chinese, one of the elders gave me his pinyin book so I've successfully learned like two words. Tried to use it in a contact...I think they were confused. But hey, I try. Hopefully I'll get to full on sentences within the next two months. It's so much fun though. one of the elders is from China and he made us chinese food for dinner one night, so good. Except on Monday, we had dinner at an Indian woman's house, and both of them can't handly spicy food (really)...but of course when I pile on the sriracha (she couldn't believe how much I put on), Elder Zhang had to try to show me up and had one bite before he started coughing and gasping for air. So Elder Fisher naturally has to challenge him to finish his whole plate...elders. Made for an entertaining meal, and I've officially become the crazy person at the table who has to eat crazy spicy food. One of my new talents I suppose?

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