Tuesday, June 3, 2014

(426) fremont forever!

                      2 June 2014

So of course by transfer meeting on tuesday, I've planned pretty much all of the areas I expected to go, so I'm waiting as they are calling names and all of the sudden President calls me to the Fremont-Evergreen area, it was completely out of left field! My companion is Sister Savila from Samoa and she is CRAZY and I love her! We've had so much fun this week and she is so willing to work hard. and remember how I was joking about going to the tongan ward this transfer? Now I get to learn Samoan and we got transferred to Mission Peak, which has the chinese group with the fremont zone leaders. so now we have language study every day, so I can devote one day a week to spanish, portuguese, french, samoan, chinese, and let's be honest, english. Sounds like heaven to me.
We cover the bottom chunk of fremont, the mission and warm springs districts, as well as Milpitas, so we are in the san jose evergreen zone/san jose stake still. But I'll get to see everyone from Fremont at stake conference, and hang out with sister monson AND sister voyles on p-days so I'm so excited! The area is huge so it's quite the change from Marina and its two main streets...where maybe 20 people came outside on a good day, so there are SO many people here and in warm springs everyone speaks chinese or is from india/vietnam/the phillippines, so same old, same old. I love it though, I'm so living here someday.

We definitely have a lot of work to do! Sister Savila can't drive and doesn't normally use the phone, and they didn't expect the other sister to get transferred so it was completely out of the blue and they were a little unprepared to hand off the area, so I kind of feel like I'm whitewashing, but at least I know how to get places! we work in between the 680/880 so the traffic makes things a LITTLE frustrating but that's okay. we set a personal and a zone goal to find a new investigator every day this month, and so far we found one amazing one yesterday! we are seeing so many miracles and SO many people were willing to set up appoinments with us for this week so I am excited! we work with the zone leaders in fremont and our zone leaders in milpitas so we have awesome elders and there is so much potential here!

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