Wednesday, May 28, 2014

(419) las familias puedan ser ETERNAS

                26 May 2014


Okay. Monday I was looking on the upcoming baptism report and saw that a 12 year old girl from my first area was getting baptized on Tuesday! We had visited their family often; the dad was less active and the mom had been baptized but felt pressured into it, so they fell away from the church when a situation arose that was offensive. So sad. but the mom really wanted the kids to choose to be baptized, so we were teaching the (then 11) year old. We had the most amazing experience with them watching the Testaments movie, and when they came to a baptism and she felt the spirit for the first time, but things didn't work out for them to come to church for awhile. Fast forward to now, the younger brother is now 8 and they felt ready to all come back to church! But this is back in San Jose, and the baptism was the next day at 6 pm, and we already had appointments lined up. So I told my companions to take pictures and pass on my congratulations but that I wouldn't be able to be there.

Tuesday morning we go to service and come back for lunch, and everyone texts us and ALL of our appointments cancel. All of them. We had joked that our backup plan was the baptism...but we didn't think we could go, but we called a member and she was willing to take us, actually really felt like it was an answered prayer, so we got to go! It was amazing, both kids got baptized and the bishop bore his testimony afterwards of the power of families. I miss los alamitos SO MUCH. They are preparing to be sealed in the temple maybe next year! 

We had a great rest of the week, we FOUND Shelly, the most amazing person I've ever taught, and she is going through a lot of horrible diagnoses, so she took some time off for herself and we hadn't been in contact with her for a few weeks. but she still has a strong testimony and a desire to get baptized, so hopefully I'll be able to come back for that soon :) We also had another miracle with meeting a woman named Rhonda, who we met last week and ran into just at the time she needed us, and then we ran into her AGAIN while we were on her street. Turns out she was in the hospital, so it was a totally viable excuse for missing our appointment.

On that note I am getting transferred tomorrow, which is always sad but I'm excited. I love Marina to death but it is a really small place to be in for 9 months....with the same companion for 9 months...I'm ready to fall in love with another area. Even though I'll miss the beach, but that's okay.

We had an amazing baptism on Saturday of Chanel, who was so ready to get baptized, and while our entire ward did NOT show up to her baptism, it ended up being a really sweet service that was all about her family. The zone leaders did save our lives by coming and being the witnesses...and then we got to save theirs by playing the piano at their service that they totally forgot to ask someone to do, and both baptismal candidates showed up 20 minutes late to their own services but it worked out perfectly! We had quite the week of baptisms, which was really fun! 

So, on to new adventures! Who knows what area and what language...maybe I'll go to Tongan for a change, or go back to an old area...with an old companion...who knows at this rate!

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