Wednesday, May 21, 2014

(412) strawberry fields forever

                                              19 May 2014

This week was amazing! So busy! I think I spent two days in Marina, but that's okay. We hit our monthly miles it's been quite the trip. we had to plan our STL skit for our specialized sister's training (because sister's retreats aren't technically allowed, they changed the name), so we got to go up to the mission office last Monday to come up with it, which actually turned out really fun. The theme was "your true identity," so we had a musical skit about disney princesses finding the gospel. I got to be Rapunzel of course, it ended up being really cute. so that ate up our whole Pday, and then Tuesday we had zone conference in Morgan Hill, where it got to over a hundred degrees this week. 

Marina had crazy weather too apparently, but I never found out because I got to spend Tuesday and Wednesday in Santa Cruz, and we had the most amazing day. We got to meet with their baptismal dates (on the hill up from the pier...while the sun set and the moon shone over the water....I so hope I get transferred there next week).On Wednesday a member took us out into a branch that is up in the Santa Cruz mountains that the sisters have never been out to before, and it turned into the craziest day! We got to pet a horse and hold a new puppy, and basically spent the afternoon getting to know the members.

We are struggling to get people out to church again, especially the family that we are working with now, but the older sister is coming home from san jose for the summer so we are going to work with all of them to get to church, and two of them are praying about baptism in June. We are hoping it all works out! We have also been teaching Chanel, who is so amazing, she is getting ready to be baptized this saturday. and I just found out that one girl that we taught from a less active/part member family is getting baptized tomorrow in Los Alamitos!

Saturday we had our sister's training, and Sister Elaine S. Dalton came to speak to us! She is so sweet, and she gave a great talk about how "one virtuous woman, led by the spirit, can change the world," I've always loved that quote. and it was really fun because we were "her" young woman, she was the young woman general president when we were all Laurels, so we all got to meet and hug her. It was a really good week! 

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