Tuesday, May 13, 2014

(405) "shorter distance"

                                                     12 May 2014

well another crazy week in marina. but it was amazing! the highlight of course was Thomas getting baptized. I went on exchanges my first week down here in Monterey, and met their family, his mom lives in the Monterey ward and we found out that he spends half his time with his dad in our ward, but hadn't been baptized. We started teaching him down in Marina as well, and nothing was progressing until I went on exchanges again to Monterey and we were on track to see the same family. The mom had a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of reasons to hold back the baptism, but it was amazing to hear her testimony and to feel Heavenly Father's love SO strongly in that room. She consented for him to be baptized and we picked a date. His dad and stepmom thought that he wouldn't be able to be baptized until he was 18, but when we were able to talk to the mom and validate her feelings and concerns, we were able to find a solution that would work for everyone. To see the humility of everyone at the baptism coming together was incredible. Everyone including Thomas was crying! SUCH a good day! (sorry I forgot my camera...I'll send a picture next week!)

some highlights from marina:  we are teaching a family that we have found pretty sporadically. This week only the 13 year old was home, but he had read all the way to 1 Nephi 5 and we had such a good lesson with him! so adorable. We stopped by later in the week and met another sister, who had been praying that morning for direction and guidance, and then we knocked on the door! We had an amazing lesson on the restoration with her and got to refer her over to Sister Voyles in San Jose :) so many miracles.

Other than that our week was pretty all over the place, we had back to back exchanges with King City and in Salinas, which was so much fun, everyone speaks spanish. All of the signs are in spanish before english and there are people absolutely everywhere (dream come true). We also had a little adventure when we went up to santa cruz for zone training meeting and had to drive all the way down to Soledad..and it turns out our gps was on "shorter distance" instead of "fastest time"....so it took us quite a while longer. Life lessons, right? This week we have two trips to san jose and one to morgan hill for zone conference, sister's training, and a meeting to plan sister's training. Plus another trip to santa cruz...should be a blast as always! It's President Watkins' last zone conference, he heads out next month, which is crazy. It's going to be so different!

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