Tuesday, May 6, 2014

(398) highway 1

                                                  5 May 2014

This week has been super nostalgic, not sure why. I keep having flashbacks to my first transfer, which is so weird! I can't believe it's been almost a year. Probably because the weather has been warming up, it has been so hot this week. Okay only like maybe 80 degrees. We are so spoiled..our area seriously is beautiful. We've managed to time it just right so we've been driving home from Seaside right around sunset, so we get to drive back on the highway and see the amazing sunsets over the ocean every other day. so gorgeous.

We had a really great week! It was harder to get people to teach, but we got a lot of things set up for this next week and found some new people, we've just had such a hard time getting a hold of everyone and getting things set up. So we have a ton of investigators that are interested, everyone just works or goes to school or does both and it's easy to forget that missionaries are weird and just have all the time in the world to meet with people. Our members have been amazing this week, they've been inviting their friends over for dinner with us, and even though we aren't officially teaching any of them we've had some amazing discussions and planted a lot of seeds, so we are waiting to hear how a couple of them go! It's so easy to just have some friends over just so they can learn more about the church, just let the missionaries know ahead of time if they are interested in "the lessons" or just in a spiritual message/learning more about the church. they can do either! Some of the best lessons I've had haven't been with those investigating the church. Try it!

We had a pretty packed week, I went up to watsonville (and had dinner in one of those mansion beach houses south of Santa Cruz...sooo nice), and fridaywe spent allll day in San Jose for mission leadership council. Which, not going to lie, I love meetings so it was really fun. even though my companion spilled the beans and everyone sang happy birthday at lunch so that was embarrassing but oh well. This transfer is going to fly by, we have zone trainings this week and two exchanges...and then next week zone conference and "specialized sisters training" (sisters retreats aren't technically allowed so they just changed the name), and then it is the last week of the transfer! plus I have become the most pro weed-picker since all of our service now is gardening...so mom and dad you will be happy to hear that I have learned to love it. Your years of coercion and bribery and forced labor have finally come to fruition, congratulations. Talk to you SUNDAY

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