Tuesday, April 22, 2014

(383) for he is risen

                                              20 Apr 2014
so first for the news, my new companion:


seriously. She had just come to the beach last Monday with her zone and said that she had gotten a leadership call, so we joked that we might be companions again...yep. You think out of 120 sisters you wouldn't end up with the same companion twice, but nope! So funny! President just looked at us, shook his head, and said, "have fun." So this is probably my last transfer in Marina, but we will see how it goes.

So we are back to work again in Marina! We had a great week, the Bishop referred us to a girl who has been coming to church for the past six months ever since she moved from Palau, and she is totally ready to get baptized, so that was really exciting. We also made all of the arrangements for a baptism this week, so that will be happening as well, despite the craziness that it took to get it all arranged. We ended up having to call about 15 people to get the other building in Salinas reserved, since it has taken two weeks to get in touch with the people hosting an event in our building...but it finally worked out. (we love playing phone tag) This transfer should be really amazing!

We had a tougher time getting appointments this week, but we have been contacting a lot of people that had previously said they were interested, but we hadn't gotten around to calling them lately, so we set up a lot of appointments for this week and we've already gotten a few new investigators from that! We had a great Easter, we had dinner at a family's home that is a home for adults with special needs, so that was so much fun. I got to use my sign language a bit and made a new friend! We also probably had twice as many people as we usually do at church on Sunday, they ran out of the sacrament and people had to squeeze into the benches to fit everyone, it was a miracle. (It did help that half of the island of Fiji was there to visit a couple of members) We had a lot of less actives come to church, and a few investigators!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, it's great to see a holiday that is still centered around Christ. Don't ever forget how much the Savior has gone through to know you personally. He loves each of us so much, it is such a blessing to testify of that every day!

"he is not here; for HE IS RISEN"

matthew 28:6

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