Tuesday, April 22, 2014

(376) highway 68

                          14 Apr 2014

It's official, Sister Monson's 7.5 month tenure is coming to an end, so I am getting a new companion tomorrow! It should be a normal week aside from that, so it will be a nice transition. This week was definitely a transition, we stopped visiting a lot of people and are moving a few investigators officially to other missionaries, but we also got a lot of appointments this week with potential investigators so we have a lot of potential this transfer!

We did have a lot of fun this week, we had two zone training meetings and an exchange with the Santa Cruz sisters, so, once again, didn't get much time in our own area, but everything has staying surprisingly afloat. We had a great ZTM with Monterey, and got to take the really long way home along the highway and got a grand tour of Salinas (thank you GPS). We had to rearrange a lot of service to we ended up picking up trash on Thursday morning, and we finally reached all of the cute Korean old ladies who don't speak english, they saw us and were so excited and bowed and said all of these korean things that I'm sure were really great. So that was good.

We tried all week to get a ride so I could go up to a baptism in Fremont; it was one of those childlike prayers where we just asked if we could get a ride, and just when we lost all hope and gave up, we asked a member if she could come with us to an appointment, but she said sorry, I'll be at a meeting in Fremont! So it ended up working out perfectly that we could go up and see Shirley get baptized! She is the most amazing person, and it was so great to teach her family, some of the most amazing moments on my mission were teaching her. She has such a strong testimony, so that was a miracle that we could go!

Sorry I am out of time today so I can't write much more, but hey, at least I remembered my camera this week.

Have a good week, love you!

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