Monday, March 31, 2014

(363) UM ANO

                 31 Mar 2014
So in my last area I blamed all of the adventures on Sister Voyles coming to the area, that it was her fault all of the crazy stuff happened...but I've come to the realization that it's really just me. So many adventures this week. First of all, teaching kids is the best thing in the world. We are teaching an 11 year old preparing for baptism along with an 8 year old from an active family, and it is hilarious. the eight year old went on a tangent about how important it is that you are completely immersed when you are baptized. "Let's say your toenail kicked would need to be totally in the water so its sins could get washed away." So great.

Tuesday we drove all the way down to Soledad to exchange with the poor lonely sisters of King City... there are two sets of missionaries for a two hour radius of the greenfield ward, so they don't get up to the rest of the zone much. Hermana Quintana is on her third week so it was really fun to work with her. We were heading back through Salinas to meet up in Gonzales...when the tire pressure light came on...and we had a nail in our tire. So we thankfully made it to the tire place to get it patched, but our companions had to drive all the way up and we had a nice little late lunch with the Salinas hermanas before we could get back to Marina. So ridiculous. So then we got to do exchanges in Seaside again, which was fu, we got to bike in the rain up and down las colinas in the world's WORST bicycles, that also happen to be bright pink. must have been a sight to see.

We have had an awesome week for teaching though, we actually had some time to work in our area (crazy right), and it's been harder to find as many new investigators as we had before, but then we realized that we had amassed a list of probably thirty phone numbers of potentials that we hadn't been calling to set up appointments, so it's completely our own fault. It's been so cool to see people gain testimonies of the Book of Mormon, one of our investigators is 16 and he prayed for the first time last Sunday, and then texted us this week that he prayed about the Book of Mormon and got a "weirdly comforting" feeling (mom, the one you were praying about!). Another is super involved in his own Christian church but he's been reading and it's really been challenging his beliefs, which is really cool to watch him slowly understand more and more the importance of a restoration. (Plus he is is bible study group leader and has had his bible study look up topics that we talk about. Success!) Another absolutely LOVED the story of the first vision and was so concerned that he couldn't find his book of mormon in time for our lesson, but wanted to get started reading as soon as we were done! It's amazing how much the Lord prepares everyone we meet at different times for different things. but I know that he is preparing everyone for the message of the restoration at some time in their lives. Christ's church is back on the earth, I know that to be true! It seriously it amazing to watch people who have been unknowingly searching for something their whole lives find it. The atonement of Christ really is for everyone, whether or not they accept it.

so this week we get to go to the temple and GENERAL CONFERENCE! so excited! Plus it's officially my year that's kind of bittersweet, but I'm excited for the next couple of weeks. EVERYONE WATCH CONFERENCE!, saturday and sunday! come hear what our church is all about! have a wonderful week! (and tell buster I said happy birthday)

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