Tuesday, March 25, 2014

(356) fechas bautismales!

                                            24 Mar 2014

this week was FINALLY a breakthrough for our area! okay I didn't even get to work in our area until Thursday afternoon...but it was a good week. I spent tuesday in Seaside, which is like little mexico, everyone is from guadalajara or oaxaca and every person you run into on the street speaks spanish, so it was SO much fun. We had some awesome lessons and I finally got to speak spanish again. I also got to go up to monterey Wednesday (had a nice two-hour overlap with my own companion at service before leaving again) and we got to meet with our investigator from Marina, and we finally got his mom to agree to allow him to be baptized! so we are really excited.

While I was gone they also found another lady, set a baptismal date with her, and then Thursday night we set a baptismal date with one of our investigators (for my birthday!). She is amazing, this is the second time that she has brought a non-member friend to our lessons, both of which have gone into the lesson being strong members of another church and come out of it crying with a Book of Mormon and a referral for the missionaries in Salinas. She even testified of the fact that our church is the only one she has studied that has a prophet and the priesthood, all of the things that she has studied about in the bible. So hopefully she will be able to come to church next week as well!

I also love all the work with the less actives that we are doing, one family we actually contacted into, has decided to come back to church after 13 years, and the wife wants to prepare to go to the temple and they have a 13 year old daughter who has never been baptized! Looking back to my first week here and the fact that nearly all of our investigators (9 of them) dropped us in the first three days, and how much progress we've made since then, I feel like it is finally paying off. The biggest problem we have is that we accidentally scheduled two baptisms for the same day (on exchanges), which is also the same day as the stake baptisms and the baptism of the amazing family I taught in Fremont...oops. So we might have six baptisms in two weeks. We'll see.

Overall it's been an awesome week, our fridge is stuffed with leftover casseroles to last us until the next ice age, all of our contacts are in Spanish (we've become a referral machine for the other hermanas), and yesterday one of our investigators prayed for the first time in his life!! the spirit is always SO strong, it's amazing. God is so ready to answer their prayers. Hopefully this week is even better! we've got another two exchanges and leadership council in san jose...so someday I'll get to spend a solid week in my own area. haha. I love it though, it's been so much fun!

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