Monday, March 17, 2014

(348) "they weren't there I promise!"

                   17 Mar 2014

This week gets the award for the craziest week of all time.
Monday: we had a slow pday and just stayed around the apartment, and had a couple of lessons that ended with some time left over so we contacted around the grocery store and ended up meeting a man from Afghanistan and we chatted for a long time and taught him about the book of Mormon. Then it was time to go home...and sister monson locked the keys to the car and the apartment in the trunk of our car. the spares of both being in san we searched everything four times, and ended up calling the zone leaders because we had no idea what to do with six minutes left to get home, and they just suggested to break into the car. Long story short we prayed really hard and the keys showed up out of NOWHERE in her purse. So that was cool. Prayer! It works!

Tuesday: we were contacting and ran into a guy (who thought we were happens) who randomly stopped us and asked if we could visit his father who is in hospice, so we went and had an awesome lesson about the book of mormon. Non member referrals!

Wednesday: so this one time I forgot to change my other watch for daylight savings, so we were weeding at a part-member's home for what seemed like the longest two hours! and then we got in the car and realized it had been THREE. oops. And then Hermana Contreras fed us tongue (sister monson didn't know what it was because she told us in spanish. So funny.) It was pretty nasty.

Thursday: exchanges with Watsonville! Hermana Boyd is so awesome, so we had a lot of fun...nothing too crazy. we met with an amazing investigator that we haven't been able to get ahold of forever.

Friday: we tried to meet with our Afghani friend...but he asked if he could bring a friend so we brought a family from Jordan to meet with us, and it turned into a crazy debate because the man's friend was super Muslim. but hey, educational. Who knows what'll happen from that.

Saturday: we got to teach a workshop at a youth conference, which was so much fun, and one of our investigators came and basically was the only one participating in his class and telling us all about the joseph smith story, the irony. but we had an amazing lesson with another investigator who grew up a very strong Christian, but has decided to read (study and dissect) the book of mormon, and said he believes it all could be true, his church has been talking about all the things we have (coincidence...?) and we had such a great lesson with him.

Sunday: we were almost late to church, that would have been embarrassing, but aboslutely everything fell through and we ended up walking around, but we had some awesome contacts and everyone actually wants us to come back and meet with them! so cool!  so at the end of the day, we survived. but this week should be crazy busy as well, I'm going on two straight exchanges the next two days, but it should be a blast! 

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