Tuesday, March 4, 2014

(335) "I am prepared! I'm just...wet..."

                                              3 March 2014

So Sister Monson and I have started this new tradition of Deep Doctrine Mondays where we read Isaiah and random obscure scriptures, and it's been awesome. Everyone, go home and read Isaiah so everyone can stop complaining in church, because it's the best. Today we were a little interrupted, we started studying on the bench outside the laundromat and the first guy came by (yeah! la biblia! que bueno!) and another lady who proceeded to just sit right down and start telling us her life story (40 minutes later...). It is interesting how much people like and need to talk about themselves. Not in a bad way, but just that it is human nature. We had quite the...interesting relief society lesson yesterday, and one sister in particular voiced her opinions quite candidly, which led us to reflect on how we approached things. One sister started to share her conversion story, which took a good 20 minutes, and yes, it wasn't a planned part of the lesson, but half of the sisters there just listened and really enjoyed her story, and got what they could from it. Others were not so happy. So it was a nice moment this morning to just sit and listen and get what we could from her story. It was actually really exciting, full of attempted murder and bribery, and we ended up teaching her about prayer and faith. We could have sat there annoyed the whole time about our preparation day ticking away, but we choose to listen instead, and it was really neat. So the next time you have an opportunity to listen to someone, just listen! You never know what you will learn.

Anyway, this week was pretty crazy. We finished up exchanges last week so we actually had the week in our own area, together, so that was nice. We had another epic rainstorm, which was awesome for the area....but hard to do missionary work. I have no idea what the missionaries do when it rains all the time...tract? We also had mission leadership council in san jose again, but it was all about future planning, college, marriage, etc. So our zone training meetings this week should be interesting!

Sister Monson was supposed to get transferred this week...but neither of us got transfer calls, and no one knows what is going on! They are adding two sisters to our zone, and the spanish sisters are becoming two companionships, but we don't know if anyone is getting in-zone transferred, since that would make sense if I went over to Spanish why Sister Monson didn't get transferred. We also were told sisters were going to move in, but now they aren't...but we might be in a car share....so tomorrow I guess we will figure it all out! but for now things are staying the same, except I might have my first biking area! Which will be fun for about two days, but we will see.

Our investigators have been doing awesome, it's been a struggle for a while to get them to progress, but we finally are getting member referrals and we should have a couple of baptismal dates this week if all goes well! Miracles are rampant here, it's amazing. We've been finding less active members as well who have been wanting to come back to church, so it was a really good week. I managed to not get sick this whole transfer...until yesterday. But hopefully it goes away soon, we've got quite the busy week. 

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