Monday, February 17, 2014

321) "remember that bones episode?"


this week has been so great. First, visa update (not mine) but most of the people from my district are getting theirs now, and they have to go BACK to the MTC for two weeks for language training again. Kill me now. Anyway, so we will see what happens.

we had a great week for finding new investigators, we got to teach a lot this week as well so we've gotten a lot more potentials. Those that were progressing towards baptism have slowed down a lot, so that's been a bummer, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Including a man who got baptized last month and hasn't been coming...we've visited him and he said he was coming to church, so we expected him there. He even called and said he was on his way, and then that he was there....but never showed up. We think he went to a different we might have a few things to go over next time. Don't think he got the whole priesthood thing. Whoops.

We saw a lot of little miracles this week, and it's been especially neat to see how the spirit works. Sister Monson is amazing at following little promptings and it's taught me how to rely less on myself and really pray about everything. We even joked about seeing the Brazilian lady again, and we did! so I got to chat a little bit with her.

we also had some fun this week, last pday we went to the aquarium with some hermanas from San Jose and walked down cannery row on the way home...and might have stopped in a little olive oil shop. This is how you know companionships are inspired, who else would have spent an hour of their pday with me sampling all of the oils and vinegars...yeah. It was so fun though!

we had a lovely valentine's day, it was sunny and warm and we needed service so we went and picked up trash along the beach...there are worse things to do with your time. Anyway, we had been joking about looking like the beginning of Bones episodes, that we were going to find some body or something...this time we found an old sea lion corpse, so that was kind of ironic. All in all it was a good week! Glad everyone survived the snow!

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