Monday, February 17, 2014

(314) "Your portuguese is impeccable"

                                            10 Feb 2014

This week was craaaaaaazy.

Two zone training meetings, a mission conference, and an exchange later, we managed to survive the week! but it was SO good. We got to go up to santa cruz for their ZTM, and I'll be up in watsonville this week, so that should be really fun! I got to be with Hermana Bunnell on Thursday, she drove down and was willing to go on a little adventure for exchanges, since I still can't drive. Let's just say it really was an adventure, after having been in the area for two weeks....she's a good sport.

The highlight of the week was ELDER COOK from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles came on Saturday! It was an amazing mission conference. He spoke about the importance of the bay area, that it really affects the whole world, and he talked about the the three reasons missionaries are assigned to an area, 1. the mission president, that they really need to be there for them, 2. the people/a specific person, 3. the area, that it will be important to their future. So cool. I can definitely see how much I've learned being in this mission, I know that I needed to be here. He also talked about the importance of the restoration, and Elder Packer talked about the miracle that it was that the rain started. Apparently catholics had been fasting all month, hindus had fasted the friday before, but the day that the members started fasting on Sunday it started raining, and the high pressure zone over California just lifted. It really was a miracle.

We also had this crazy experience, we had a potential investigator that the sisters previous had contacted and she was always on our list to stop by for the last couple of weeks. We stopped by her house last week, and her husband answered the door and let us know that she had passed away after being missing, they don't know what happened. but we had an amazing lesson with him, I know that we needed to be there for him. It was a crazy week.

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