Monday, February 3, 2014

(307) Doubt your doubts

3 Feb 2014

Sorry my emails have been so short. This week was absolutely crazy. last Monday we were going to have this great pday activity planned for one of the sister's birthdays, so we went up to pacific grove to see the monarch butterflies....and saw two. One was dead. so then we decided to go to the wharf and rent those group bikes and bike around lover's point...and then the bike shop was closed. So we just walked around the wharf and got clam chowder samples...

Our week was crazy, we had to take our car in twice, and we had to go to san Jose for leadership council and didn't get home until 6:30 pm that night, so it was really hard to get work done this week, and half of our investigators kind of dropped us...but we have seen some real progress with others! one thing that has always been hard for me was teaching people as we contact on the street, and sister Monson is amazing at that, she just starts immediately teaching and testifying, so we have gotten a lot of new investigators that way. it's been really cool. she's an amazing missionary.

I did get to go on an exchange this week in Monterey, so we got to contact around downtown and got a tour of pebble beach when we did service with meals on wheels. so that was really fun. at our leadership council we got to hear from our area authority, Elder Packer, who is amazing. As missionaries we get to associate with and learn from so many amazing people, I've learned so much about leadership and especially working within the church. 

for miracles this week, California has been in a complete drought this whole winter, and so they asked everyone to join in a special fast and prayer for "immediate rain" in California yesterday. We woke up to the sound of rain, and it rained all day until around dinnertime, it was amazing. I mean, I know that prayer works, but it's still amazing to see those miracles happen, especially on such a large scale. 

on the adventure side...we may have had an ant infestation this past week. so that has gotten a little out of hand, but I guess I can pretend I'm in brazil right? at least it's not cockroaches or banana spiders. Could always be worse. and we've also been reduced to picking up trash when we can't get enough service, so we literally walk around the parking lots picking up trash. Quite the adventure. This week should be really great, we have a mission conference and we get to go up to santa cruz for exchanges! Hopefully we'll have time to get some missionary work done this week...guess we will see!

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