Monday, January 27, 2014

(300) MARINA!

 27 Jan 2014

I have officially made it to Monterey, the most coveted zone in the mission! Transfer meeting was insane, so many missionaries got transferred. They redid all of the sister training leader assignments, half of them were released and they called twice as many STL's, so now we are in companionships! It is SO nice, so now we can work more as a team instead of all on our own. My new companion is Sister Katie Monson, she is from...Bozeman, Montana! She said the name Iverson sounded familiar, she is in the Bozeman 1st ward if you have ever met her family, Monica! Anyway, she is amazing, she has been out for three transfers, so she will be an STL as well. We are covering the Monterey and Santa Cruz zones (could be worse, you know).

We are covering only one ward, so it will be quite the change! We are in Marina, which is a cute little beach town north of Seaside/Monterey, and we are the only missionaries there so it will be a huge change from Fremont. The work here is incredible, we have amazing success contacting, teaching lessons on the street, and finding new investigators. I don't know what is in the water here, but whatever it is it's working! This week was the most productive week I have ever had, and we've had amazing lessons and it's been amazing to see the Spirit changing hearts as we teach. 

This transfer should be so much fun! I'll be in Monterey this week, and we have a leadership meeting Friday, and a week from Saturday, Elder Cook of the 12 will be speaking to us at our mission conference! SO EXCITED! 

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