Monday, January 20, 2014

(291) goodbye fremont :(

                                    20 Jan 2014

okay I forgot my journal and planner so I'll do my best to remember what happened the last two weeks.
the past week was crazy, we had the two ztm's and an exchange, as well as a day of visa paperwork and the whole lying-on-the-living-room-floor wanting to throw up for 24-36 hours, so it was really hard to get work done but we did okay. this week we had a lot more time to work, which was nice. we finally got our service hours back up and got to teach a few investigators that we hadn't before.

and yes we got transfer calls, I figured I was leaving up until we had interviews with President, he came and inspected our apartments. he asked how long I had been in fremont (4 transfers/6 months, which is usually time to get transferred) and said huh, that's weird, the ap's didn't have you marked. and this was day 2 of transfer I was a little forgotten. but apparently he threw me in there so half of our zone is leaving this transfer. It's definitely bittersweet, but I'm ready to move on.
it helps to know that our area is on the brink of sooo much. our investigators are making huge breakthroughs, we got the stake president's family fellowshiping the amazing family we are teaching (this story is going in the ensign, mind you), and they should be ready for baptism soon, and the woman we were teaching that had a less-active member boyfriend with an addiction just decided last week to quit drinking, out of the blue. so he can be ready to become worthy to baptize her, which is her whole plan! we found an eleven year old that just got adopted by her foster family and can get baptized now, and our other investigator came to the mission peak/chinese ward last week after an amazing lesson about the existence of God. and the centerville ward has literally had three or four people just walk into church, wanting to come and learn more. SO MANY MIRACLES. Of course they won't happen until I leave the area, because that's how it's worked so far, but it's so amazing to leave an area and look back at the difference from when you came. I'm going to miss this place!
this past weekend was stake conference as well, and we have an amazing stake presidency, it was all about missionary work. the members here have so much potential, and it's been amazing seeing the difference that it makes to have members bring people into the church rather than missionaries. I've realized all of the opportunities that I could have had, especially as a teenager, to invite more people to learn about Christ, and it makes me all the more excited to come back and do better.
last pday we got to go to facebook! it was so much fun. it's set up like a college campus, everything is completely free. all the food, snacks, desserts, anything a teenage boy could ever want is free. plus they draw on the walls and all of the conference rooms are named stuff like "avada kedavra" and "the spanish inquisition." Weird place. but we saw mark zuckerberg, so that was cool. We've had some amazing contacts as well this week, we met a man who's mother joined the church in Lebanon but doesn't come to church here because she only speaks arabic! we've also met a lot of indians and muslims this week that want to hear more about christianity, so it should be a really good group to teach this transfer! I'm sad about that, but I'm excited it'll be fun. I'll find out soon!

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