Tuesday, January 14, 2014

286) not as the world giveth

                                                      13 Jan 2014

okay sorry this is going to be short I'm out of time.

but this week was a little insane

tuesday: spent all afternoon after our zone training meeting in san jose filling out the fbi clearance forms, that was a nightmare.
wednesday: trip to zone training meeting in pleasanton
thursday: exchange in pleasanton

then we got FOOD POISONING
so I threw up all morning. the poor sister I was on exchange with...we still did morning studies but then we just swapped back after, sister voyles had it too. so she may have thrown up outside of walgreens when we went to go get medicine. and we just stayed home all day and slept, it was miserable. but we are feeling okay once it was all out of our system.

good news is this week we have nothing but missionary work to do! it's the last week of the transfer so I'm probably leaving next week, which is bittersweet, but miracles have been happening here so I have been lucky to see them start before I go.

sorry I'll write more next week! have a good week!

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