Tuesday, January 7, 2014

(279) halfway there

                                                               6 Jan 2014

I now officially have less time left than I have had out. AHHHH
I'm trying to think "glass half full" but that was a little scary this week. WE did get to celebrate...with a six hour leadership meeting. Party.

This week went really well. it was crazy as usual, I was in dublin on wednesday and thursday with a couple of sisters, and that was really fun. One covers a family ward, and the others cover tri-stake singles ward, so we got to go out of the mission for a teaching appointment (wooo).

Fremont is doing SO great. It's been hard to stay up with our goals with all of the exchanges and meetings, I was in our area for four days last week. but it's okay, we are definitely learning to prioritize our time. We started teaching an eleven year old that just moved out here with her now official adopted family, so that is really cool! The family that we are teaching came to church for the first time, it was amazing. Seriously, I don't know what we did in the premortal life to get to teach this family, but whatever it was it's worth it. She loves the message fo the book of mormon, and they've had so many spiritual experiences. He showed up in a suit to church and their five year old in a white shirt and tie! their lessons are incredible. so basically everyone is going to get baptized right after I leave Fremont. Typical.

this week should be just as crazy, I have to present a certification plan tomorrow in our zone training meeting and we are certifying everyone in the zone in two weeks (passing off all of the points of all the lessons in Preach my Gospel, the fundamentals from training, and memorizing the outline of the chapters in PMG). Then I get to speak at Pleasanton's zone training too after an exchange with them...should be fun! I can't believe I've been in fremont for almost six months though, I probably only have two weeks left. crazy stuff.

the pictures are from monterey with the hermanas we live with. oh and the best part of serving in the states...THANKS MOM BEST DAY EVER

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