Tuesday, January 7, 2014

(274) "wait..is the wharf outside?"

(274) "wait..is the wharf outside?"                                                            31 Dec 2013

okay crazy week!

first off merry christmas! christmas was so much fun, I loved it. we had a mission breakfast on christmas eve, where we all got together for a "devotional", and a white elephant gift exchange, and just general socializing. It was fun to see everyone though, but the rest of the day we just got back to work. we taught the most amazing family, it was our second lesson with them but I was on an exchange the first time. we taught them the plan of salvation and they told us of these amazing spiritual experiences, and the five year old was taking notes...it was amazing. the spirit was the strongest that I've ever felt on my mission so far, it was incredible. we are so lucky!

christmas day we had a zone breakfast, which turned into quite the ordeal as we dropped off cars and other elders scrambled to find ingredients...so we ended up going home and bringing our presents to the church to open them. after breakfast we went home and then back to work, we just went to a few members' homes, and then thursday was back to normal. I went on an exchange in Pleasanton on saturday, which was so much fun. quite the wealthy area...seriously crazy houses. but we had some really good contacts and they found some really solid potentials.

I started getting sick last Sunday, so it got worse this week and of course I lost my voice, but it got better by Sunday, just in time for our musical number. I figured I probably couldn't carry a solo so I just sung a harmony and we made the elders sing with us (okay one elder...the other just mouthed the chorus. it was actually really funny), but apparently we sounded too good because now we are singing in Glenmoor and Sister Clayton from the mission office tattled on us and signed us up for the next zone conference, so that's great. At least I'll have a voice then.

Yesterday President sponsored our trip to Monterey with the Livermore sisters, so we spent the day out on the wharf and the beach, that was really fun. we got our clam chowder and I actually started talking to the guy at the crepe stand, turns out he was from Algeria and learned to make crepes in Paris, so it was the real stuff. sooo good. so that of course took up our whole pday. This week is going to be super busy, i'll be in pleasanton again and then in san jose wednesday through friday...should be fun! happy new years!

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