Saturday, December 28, 2013


23 December 2013

FELIZ NATAL! I can't believe it's already Christmas. Crazy.

This week was all over the place. we had to go to the mission office on monday (but President gave us money to go get sushi so that was worth it), wednesday (to carpool to a Santa Cruz...with two hours of traffic on the way home), and friday (nothing exciting happened). so it was hard to get things done this week. But we managed.

Tuesday night we got to go up to the temple to see the Christmas lights! That was really cool. there was a lot of traffic though so we didn't have much time in the visitor's center, so that was a bummer, but the people we brought loved it anyway. I exchanged with the Hermanas on Thursday so I got to be back in Spanish for the day! it was so much fun! except we didn't even have dinner so I feel slighted. but that's okay. We had such an amazing day with them, we invited ten people to be baptized and got three new investigators. Of course when I'm gone from my area we get two new investigators as well, but that's usual. Everything exciting happens in my area when I'm gone.

speaking of exciting things our car died again yesterday, so we had to get it jumped. again. Someday we'll get a corolla. oh and sister voyles has been sick all week, so after coughing on me all week I was bound to get sick as well, so our whole zone is coughing and sneezing and losing their voices. Merry Christmas.

We did get a Brazilian meal on Saturday! One of our members has a son who just got home from Sao Paulo East, so he was home for the holidays and made us estroganoffe. it wasn't really that different, but it was still fun.

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! We've been talking about gifts we can give the Savior this Christmas, after all He has given us, so pick one thing to change this week! One thing to do better; one thing that will make the Savior happy, and I can promise you that Christmas will mean so much more. Remember what the Prophet said the other week, when we take the last syllable off of the spirit of Christmas, it becomes the spirit of Christ, which we can have with us always.

Merry Christmas! Miss you all!

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