Saturday, December 28, 2013

(258) "if you had answered your phone..."

                     16 Dec 2013

okay this week was the longest week of my LIFE. for so many reasons.

so remember when we didn't have the phone all weekend...and joked that President probably called like four times...and the world crashed and burned and horrible things happened that we didn't find out because we didn't have a phone? Well...we got a call at 9:26 Monday night on the Hermanas' phone, it was the Assistants saying that they, the coordinating STL, and PRESIDENT had been calling us all weekend, and they finally called the zone leaders to see why we weren't answering, who told them what happened. So I got called as a sister training leader and President did the whole "if you had answered your phone in the last 72 hours you would have known..." in front of everyone at transfer meeting. whoops. sorry. It wasn't our fault!

Anyways, so I'm STL now, which should be really fun. I cover two zones and get to go on exchanges almost every week...and certify all these people even though I haven't even been officially I guess President knows what he is doing because I don't! But we are having a meeting in Santa Cruz this week, so I think I'm going to like this assignment.

Last week was really fun, we had a stake musical fireside, and us four sisters had to sing an a cappella song....that we arranged a half hour before it started...and there were so many people there...and I sang alto all by myself...but hey, it's over. Apparently it didn't sound as bad as I thought, so that's good. Or everyone is just being really nice. Oh well. We also got to volunteer at the Christmas creche in Palo Alto, which is like the Eugene one on steroids, it's ridiculous. But it was really cool.

The work in our area has reached an all time low, which has been really hard. We've dropped or have been dropped by nearly all of our investigators, so we are pretty much starting from square one. We just got brand new elders in Central Park, so we are basically all whitewashing. Yay. I've really learned to not be so concerned with goals and numbers, I've been lucky to always get good numbers every week, but the past couple weeks have been terrible, but we've been working harder than ever. It's hard that it is that way, but I think every area goes through ups and downs, and I've really learned to not compare myself to others and all that matters in the end is that you tried your hardest and you really are using every second of the day as best as you can.

This week should be really fun though, it's almost CHRISTMAS (what happened to the time....), and we have a lot of potentials to visit this week. and we finally have a working phone. and things honestly can't get much worst from last week, so it should be good!

enjoy the holiday pictures.

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