Monday, December 9, 2013

(244) happy thanksgiving x3

                                               2 Dec 2013

so thanksgiving week on a mission is pretty much the most boring week ever. it was SO hard to find people to teach this week...everything fell through, so that was obnoxious. But we got a lot set up for this week so hopefully we'll have some more luck soon!

thanksgiving itself was really slow, we did get to talk to a lot of people in the morning, then went to our three dinners. which we were so careful about not eating too much that we didn't even eat enough! It was nice to just enjoy our time there, but it was hard to not get as much work done.


We are putting up our tree today, we found one in the garage with a soda cup on top as a star....elders. and one of our members is a photographer so christmas cards are in the works! we tried to listen to christmas music in the car...but the mission christmas music is....not my thing. It's actually quite terrible, so we'll just have to sing our own.

We had advanced orientation this week for visa waiters, woohoo! after eight months of being here. but really. It was nice and it was fun to see everyone, but we had to take sister powell home to east palo alto (in the opposite direction) so that day, plus the fixing-the-furnace afternoon (we finally have a heater!), didn't help the great lesson drought of thanksgiving week. but the great thing about life is that you can always start over next week. and we've made plans to go up to the oakland temple to see the christmas lights with like three different people so hopefully we'll get up there soon!

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