Monday, December 9, 2013

(237) "excuse me, are you nuns?"

                                 25 Nov 2013                                   

This week we definitely learned a lot about goal setting and prayer. To the point where I just feel ridiculous for not setting prayerful goals every day so far. but really. It works. We had a bit of a slow start to the week, and it got to the point where Friday I decided that we were going to have seven lessons taught that day. Didn't know how it was going to work out but we planned seven people and a few backups like usual, but this day it was going to work out. so we headed out and prayed for seven lessons that day, which I don't think I had done before. We ended up not even getting that many lessons, but we had the best day! Just the fact that we set a goal and prayed for it allowed the Lord to bless us with so many miracles. almost half of the people we talked to were interested in learning more and gave us their information, we gave out like four referrals, and we contacted a former investigator. it was such a good afternoon. moral of the story: PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING. it works.

We also had a cool experience yesterday, we were contacting around Niles until it started to get dark, so we were heading home and we saw a couple transient folk...and had that moment of "do we really want to go talk to them?" We've had quite our fair share of fun (weird) contacts...but I remember last Friday we did the same thing, we both looked at each other and said, "do we really want to contact the trench coat guy", but we did anyway, and he started crying because he really wanted to know more about Christ, and he was having a really hard time. So we decided to talk to these people, and the lady says, hey are you mormon? I'm Mormon! Crazy! and went on to explain how God always sends her members of the church at the times where she needs them the most, and we had a nice little lesson about prayer. You never know!

(not) funny story of the week: our CAR died last monday. we had stopped in a parking lot to look up who to visit next when our appointment fell through, and the car completely died. No reason. So ASL came and rescued us and jumped it...but it's been working fine just since. I think it was a sign that we needed to stop complaining about the maliboat and be grateful for having a car...but we just really want the corolla even more now. but we're too nice to take one from the elders, even though elder clayton told us we should, since we are sisters. but we feel bad.

we met with Miram, our Afghani friend to teach her English, and she said to "say hi to friend, say hi to family" she is SO cute. she always asks "the family good, the family good?" We also met with a Muslim man from Afghanistan and we talked about similarities between our religions, and he loved the family proclamation. we'll see how that goes but I loved meeting with him, it was fascinating. We had a hard week as far as our most progressing investigators...not progressing towards baptism, but we are still working on it. we got to speak in central park yesterday and got four referrals, one of which is another BRAZILIAN family! so we will see how that goes as well! tchau for now!

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