Tuesday, November 19, 2013

(229) peeecan pie

                                                                     18 Nov 2013

this week was definitely an eye-opener. we were plugging away like always and nothing was working out, we went days with almost everything falling though, and we knew something needed to change. we've been more obedient than ever, and we were working hard, but I felt like something was missing. our investigator pool wasn't progressing, all of the potentials we got we haven't been able to contact, so it was kind of a hard week. but it was an opportunity to set some new goals!

it is hardest to see people who have a testimony but start getting scared, and put off making the commitment to be baptized. so we really have had to pray a lot to know how to help them, but it always comes back down to the basics. so we've been starting over with the basics by reading preach my gospel in our studies and going over the main lessons, and seeing how we could focus on the doctrine more, and really planning to use our time better. it's so easy to get lost in numbers and to do lists and forget the purpose of all we do, so we've been talking to EVERYONE and inviting everyone we see, and we've picked our potentials back up. we had zone conference this week too, which was awesome and helped jump start us in our new goals.

of course talking to everyone means chasing down some people on the street...and then you get the awkward moment of walking in the same direction. and then walking a half a mile out of the way just to act like you didn't just chase them down. even though you did. But hey, beats tracting any day.

LOWlight of the week: we've already had two thanksgiving dinners already and I felt like I was going to die after each one. so. much. food. I can't wait to choose how much I eat when I get back. but we had two baking adventures (catashtophes)...we had to make pumpkin bars for FHE but we forgot our eggs at the church...and we got really creative (didn't turn out so well). as for the pie for the thanksgiving dinner...hopefully no one ate it. we didn't have half the things the recipe called for, and we couldn't go to the store because P-day was over... Moral of the story: don't ask missionaries to bake things. We don't have time. Or money.

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