Tuesday, November 19, 2013

(223) he's a peach

                                       12 Nov 2013

sooo we are having way too many adventures here.
but really.  we'll be driving and start talking and literally forget where we are going...till we realize we drove waaay past where we were supposed to turn. it's really bad.
but I have never had such an awesome, obedient companionship and it is so much fun. we talk to EVERYONE and I love it. we've gotten more potential investigators in the past two weeks than the past 2 or 3 transfers.

some highlights of the week: we have been working with a less active family for a while, and finally got in with the kids (okay we brought them ice cream). but the grandma's testimony is really there and she can be the one to really bring them all back, so we are hopeful! I love the rescue SO much. we officially took over a lot of the work in central park this week so it might be a little crazy for a couple of weeks but hopefully we'll be working more over there soon.

our investigators are doing well, plugging along, but no one has made much real progression. the family that we work with to teach a couple of them is hunting with the royal family in scotland...so that's normal.

we also got to work with the young women a lot this week, which was so fun. we did a missionary activity on tuesday and spoke at young women in excellence on Sunday. I really love working with the youth and teaching kids. they are so much easier to teach than adults, seriously. the primary program in centerville was this week and there were SO many people there it was incredible.

oh and then we go to an appointment with a boy we met on the street, who's mom is brazilian! so we knock and this guy answers, who is his stepdad who is also from brazil. so we chat for a bit and all of the sudden all these brazilians come to the door who don't speak english and they are all seven feet tall and it was terrifying. but I guess I made sense! hopefully we can teach him and his mom soon! we also are going to teach an afghani lady english, and we have an appointment with an Iranian man to talk about the book of mormon (in farsi!). I LOVE FREMONT.

funny story for the week: so we are at dinner with an older lady in one of the wards, and I had warned sister voyles that she would mention one of the guys in the ward that just got back from his mission and is over at school, because she always does. so we are in the middle of dinner and we made some comment that lead her to say, "you know....there is a guy who just got back from his mission....that so-and-so....he's just...a peach!"
sister voyles literally busted up laughing. so hard. but thankfully the lady thought it was a sneeze, and went off about all the cat hair in her house...and I just looked like a horrible companion that was laughing at my companion dying over there. it was so bad. but she didn't even notice.

oh and the centerville elders keep telling all the members that I'm sassy...no one believes them. I have successfully kept the sarcasm within the missionary zone and I am very proud of myself. I can be pro.

have a great week y'all are the best!

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