Tuesday, November 19, 2013

(215) sister, what is cheese?

                                          3 Nov 2013

(sorry this didn't send last week, promise I wrote it!)

so transfers happened and guess who my new companion is SISTER VOYLES!!

I told everyone all week that sister voyles was getting trasferred so she was going to be my companion, no big deal. and then they announce us first at transfer meeting, we were kind of freaking out. I seriously have been so incredibly lucky with companions, this never happens. I think it's the blessings of being a visa waiter, and that president is perpetually apologizing to me for putting me in a trio. either way works for me!

so this week has been amazing! sister voyles is so obedient, and works so hard, and loves contacting, which if your companion loves contacting, it makes it fun. If they don't, it's horrible. so this week has been so much fun, we've spent most of our time walking around and talking to people, which was really fun on halloween. and we found not one but TWO BRAZILIAN FAMILIES!! one we have an appointment with to teach this week, but the other was referred by his neighbor, so we haven't caught them at home yet. vou ensinar no portugues esta semana! finalmente!

so we're currently taking over the central park ward, since ASL is down to two and elder le beau wants to focus more on the deaf branch so elder domingo, the dear elder, can teach more. elder domingo finally gave me a name sign! it's the sign for sister, then you make the letter C and basically mime wavy hair...because I have a lot of hair. but I feel so special now. he's also working on his english, so he'll take the phone sometimes and text us, which is hilarious. when we said we were going to a cheese shop for pday, he asked us what cheese meant, and he'll phrase things in the funniest way. So much fun. still working on my ASL!

speaking of languages, I think the Lord put me in Fremont because I'm the only one crazy enough to try to contact all of these here. week 1 was all persian and hindi, then it was telegu, then tamil, now russian and punjabi....we ran out of persian book of mormons! it is SO fun, I love it here. we're going to start a persian branch soon, just wait.

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