Wednesday, October 23, 2013

(196) salom

                                         15 October 2013

good week! absolutely crazy! but that's okay!

we had interviews on tuesday so we got to go down to san jose again, so we decided to do some investigating in the mission office of supplies in other languages. so we got a few persian book of mormons, some Hindi pass along cards, as well as chinese and spanish. so we set off on our multi-lingual contacting adventure...and everyone we met last week spoke Telegu (from southern india). So we'll be making our way back down to san jose soon to find some more stuff. it is really fun though to speak to all the people here, they are from all over.

we had so many potentials come out of nowhere this week! a family called us up with a friend who has agreed to all of the lessons, we got a few referrals out for potential FAMILIES as well as one we are hoping to teach in glenmoor! we never get to teach families, so that is really exciting. we managed to meet/exceed almost all of our goals so it's been working really well.

I did get bible-bashed for the first time this last saturday...she was so sweet and so concerned about our eternal welfare, but it was a good forty minutes of listening and nodding our heads and not really getting to testify. she went on about how the spirit told her to talk to us (hmm...), but she couldn't accept the book of mormon. but I did pass the test on all of the bible verses she asked me about, unfortunately we couldn't get much through to her. The bible is true! but so is the book of mormon! I really wish more people were able to get past that and read it, it has blessed my life so much. the Lord called prophets all over the world to testify of him, not just in Jerusalem. He loves all of His children around the world just the same!

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