Wednesday, October 2, 2013

(180) joy in the journey

this week was GREAT, we are finally reaching a lot of our goals. Bad news is it is starting to get cooooold. relatively speaking of course, but I was not prepared for cool weather, even with the vast amount of clothes that I was able to shove in my suitcases.....oh well.

we've been working on contacting and finally exceeded our standards of excellence, which is the first time the fremont sisters have in probably...ever. so that's good! it wasn't even that hard, we just had to try to do it and make time, as well as find the opportune moments. Someday we are going to find an effective way to contact people in their cars...we were thinking of setting up a booth in the walnut building parking lot that everyone cuts to get home and making everyone take a card to pass...we'll run it by the zone leaders.

best news is that one of my favorite people ever commited to a baptismal date! she is so sweet and wanted to get baptized when she was younger but family contention kind of intervened. she wants to finish the book of mormon first so we are all going to finish it together! and i'm officially halfway through the old testament, which has been reeeeally hard. I mean love the bible and all, but 2 kings was a liiiitle hard to get through without nodding off a bit. there is a reason why I saved it for last, but hey, it's good for me. there are hidden gems in there! they're just sometimes...hidden.

we have been sharing inviting lessons with some members this week, and it has been so cool to see the spirit work. we all say a prayer and ask for names to come into their minds of people to invite to church, activities, etc. and every time they all think of friends every time. if you want an opportunity to share the gospel, it's a promise it will happen! read it's a miracle by elder anderson from last conference.

speaking of general conference I am SO EXCITED! everyone go watch it this weekend! saturday and sunday at 9 am and 3 pm PST on it's incredible and will change your life. I was having a hard week with the whole visa situation, it's been hard to be patient and not recieve an answer, but I know the Lord has a plan. I just want to know what it is! but oh well. he's just waiting for the kodak moment I suppose. but the relief society broadcast was amazing, I loved it. and we had a sisters retreat about just finding joy in the journey, that put a lot in perspective. and we get to go to the temple this thursday, my six month mark! couldn't be more perfect. so I'm happy!

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