Wednesday, October 2, 2013


this week was GREAT

we finally got our contacting numbers up. we try to talk to 20 people per day about the gospel, which sounds super easy, but in Fremont it is SO hard because everyone is in their cares. literally everyone. we've walked around for an hour and ran into six people. so we have been working on strategies to get those numbers up, since the only two places in fremont that have people walking around are the central park (who are 80 percent Hindu or Farsi speaking) and the Hub shopping center, so, naturally, there are always missionaries there. so we are avoiding those locations. but we found some new parks and neighborhoods!

AND WE GOT TO RIDE BIKES it was so fun. i'm sure if I had to ride a bike everywhere i would probably hate it, but we just switched with the elders for the morning and talked to so many people! and there were all in spanish, so I got a lot of referrals for spanish, but that's okay. so we are going to do that more often now.

and we got to go to urgent care again on saturday yayyyy I have the worst luck when it comes to companions, I think i've cursed them or something. sorry. but it also was a torrential downpour all day saturday so that was super fun! it was oregon weekend i guess.

we are working on finding more people to teach, our pool has gotten a little stagnant. but one of our investigators agreed to baptism, her father had previously been super against it, so hopefully all goes well. no one  made it to church this week but a couple would have, so we will see how that goes.

oh and I had the best grapefruit of my life today, I think i've been in california  this long just so I could eat that grapefruit (mom you would appreciate this). and I was in the middle of cooking today when I realized that a lemon would be perfect...and then remembered that we had a lemon tree in our backyard, so I ran out, grabbed one, and stuck it in and it was so nice. perks of living in california.

hope you are all having a great week. PS last time I checked the usps still sends mail here, if you feel so inclined. letters are the best! obrigada!

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