Wednesday, October 23, 2013

(202) east bay west bay

                                                                   21 Oct 2013


            first off sorry for the lame emails i've been writing lately. i'm trying to budget my time better...but email time goes way to fast. and i forgot my camera I'll send pictures next week. 
            as carry over from last week, we had interviews down in San Jose, and every time president sees me he either 1 begs for my forgiveness for putting me in a trio for so long or 2 asks if i'm dying without hnas anderson and santidrian or 3 apologizes for the fact he doesn't know any more than I do about my visa. But it sounds like he might have me stick around in Fremont and actually pass off the area like a normal missionary, but we'll see. transfers are next week (sob) so either me or sister ikegami will get transferred. we are like the same person and we talk about everything and think the same way, it's been so nice. but all good things must end I suppose.
            we also had a super awesome orange picking adventure where we were inadvernently disobedient and may have climbed the tree a little high, but apparently that's a rule. oops. but we picked three heaping bags of fresh oranges and it took forever but we got some delivered to our landlady in mission peak (after getting lost but that's okay).
            and we may have gotten double dinner on accident monday (that was horrible). no one ever told me how much you are required to eat on your missions. be prepared everyone...if you get fed by americans you will get dessert every meal. and get bombarded by offers for seconds. 
            so this week! we started off last monday speedwalking...then running nearly 2 miles to dinner (okay we got lost). we let the elders have the car...and yeah. but hey, we got some exercise and contacts in. our new investigator tuesday has the craziest children I have ever met...we taught the restoration switching off halfway through so she could actually listen while the other entertained the kids.
             wednesday was one of those days where none of our plans worked out, because the Lord clearly had plans of his own which worked even better (naturally). and we learned our lesson saturday when we spent too much time weekly planning and forgot to really plan for the day...that was a disaster.
             we had exchanges with our STL sister best on Thursday/Friday, so I got to go to menlo park for the day, which was kind of exciting. I was with sister bender, who is the sweetest kindest most gentle thoughtful person, so I had to tone down the sass for the day. until we got to district meeting...the elders deserved it though. redwood city is gorgeous, I loved it. missed two new investigator lessons while I was gone though, but we got THREE more when I got back. Crazy. it was like christmas. but hey, we'll take it. I'll know by next week who is getting transferred, so this week I spend strategizing on all possible transfers and situations and it drives me crazy not knowing, but it's kind of fun at the same time.
             thank you all for all of your support, and for reading my blog even though I'm sure it's been really boring lately. I'm really sad I wasn't able to be around last week, but family I am praying for you and I love you so much! I'm glad grandpa is at peace now, I wish I could have been there. love you grandma!

             all right I think I wrote a novel, so that should make up for the last month. have a fabulous weekend and think of me when you are trudging through the snow and/or rain...I do kind of miss it. it was like 75-80 this week, I got sunburnt...welcome to california!

(196) salom

                                         15 October 2013

good week! absolutely crazy! but that's okay!

we had interviews on tuesday so we got to go down to san jose again, so we decided to do some investigating in the mission office of supplies in other languages. so we got a few persian book of mormons, some Hindi pass along cards, as well as chinese and spanish. so we set off on our multi-lingual contacting adventure...and everyone we met last week spoke Telegu (from southern india). So we'll be making our way back down to san jose soon to find some more stuff. it is really fun though to speak to all the people here, they are from all over.

we had so many potentials come out of nowhere this week! a family called us up with a friend who has agreed to all of the lessons, we got a few referrals out for potential FAMILIES as well as one we are hoping to teach in glenmoor! we never get to teach families, so that is really exciting. we managed to meet/exceed almost all of our goals so it's been working really well.

I did get bible-bashed for the first time this last saturday...she was so sweet and so concerned about our eternal welfare, but it was a good forty minutes of listening and nodding our heads and not really getting to testify. she went on about how the spirit told her to talk to us (hmm...), but she couldn't accept the book of mormon. but I did pass the test on all of the bible verses she asked me about, unfortunately we couldn't get much through to her. The bible is true! but so is the book of mormon! I really wish more people were able to get past that and read it, it has blessed my life so much. the Lord called prophets all over the world to testify of him, not just in Jerusalem. He loves all of His children around the world just the same!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

(180) joy in the journey

this week was GREAT, we are finally reaching a lot of our goals. Bad news is it is starting to get cooooold. relatively speaking of course, but I was not prepared for cool weather, even with the vast amount of clothes that I was able to shove in my suitcases.....oh well.

we've been working on contacting and finally exceeded our standards of excellence, which is the first time the fremont sisters have in probably...ever. so that's good! it wasn't even that hard, we just had to try to do it and make time, as well as find the opportune moments. Someday we are going to find an effective way to contact people in their cars...we were thinking of setting up a booth in the walnut building parking lot that everyone cuts to get home and making everyone take a card to pass...we'll run it by the zone leaders.

best news is that one of my favorite people ever commited to a baptismal date! she is so sweet and wanted to get baptized when she was younger but family contention kind of intervened. she wants to finish the book of mormon first so we are all going to finish it together! and i'm officially halfway through the old testament, which has been reeeeally hard. I mean love the bible and all, but 2 kings was a liiiitle hard to get through without nodding off a bit. there is a reason why I saved it for last, but hey, it's good for me. there are hidden gems in there! they're just sometimes...hidden.

we have been sharing inviting lessons with some members this week, and it has been so cool to see the spirit work. we all say a prayer and ask for names to come into their minds of people to invite to church, activities, etc. and every time they all think of friends every time. if you want an opportunity to share the gospel, it's a promise it will happen! read it's a miracle by elder anderson from last conference.

speaking of general conference I am SO EXCITED! everyone go watch it this weekend! saturday and sunday at 9 am and 3 pm PST on it's incredible and will change your life. I was having a hard week with the whole visa situation, it's been hard to be patient and not recieve an answer, but I know the Lord has a plan. I just want to know what it is! but oh well. he's just waiting for the kodak moment I suppose. but the relief society broadcast was amazing, I loved it. and we had a sisters retreat about just finding joy in the journey, that put a lot in perspective. and we get to go to the temple this thursday, my six month mark! couldn't be more perfect. so I'm happy!


this week was GREAT

we finally got our contacting numbers up. we try to talk to 20 people per day about the gospel, which sounds super easy, but in Fremont it is SO hard because everyone is in their cares. literally everyone. we've walked around for an hour and ran into six people. so we have been working on strategies to get those numbers up, since the only two places in fremont that have people walking around are the central park (who are 80 percent Hindu or Farsi speaking) and the Hub shopping center, so, naturally, there are always missionaries there. so we are avoiding those locations. but we found some new parks and neighborhoods!

AND WE GOT TO RIDE BIKES it was so fun. i'm sure if I had to ride a bike everywhere i would probably hate it, but we just switched with the elders for the morning and talked to so many people! and there were all in spanish, so I got a lot of referrals for spanish, but that's okay. so we are going to do that more often now.

and we got to go to urgent care again on saturday yayyyy I have the worst luck when it comes to companions, I think i've cursed them or something. sorry. but it also was a torrential downpour all day saturday so that was super fun! it was oregon weekend i guess.

we are working on finding more people to teach, our pool has gotten a little stagnant. but one of our investigators agreed to baptism, her father had previously been super against it, so hopefully all goes well. no one  made it to church this week but a couple would have, so we will see how that goes.

oh and I had the best grapefruit of my life today, I think i've been in california  this long just so I could eat that grapefruit (mom you would appreciate this). and I was in the middle of cooking today when I realized that a lemon would be perfect...and then remembered that we had a lemon tree in our backyard, so I ran out, grabbed one, and stuck it in and it was so nice. perks of living in california.

hope you are all having a great week. PS last time I checked the usps still sends mail here, if you feel so inclined. letters are the best! obrigada!