Wednesday, September 18, 2013

(154) "I'm in."

3 Sep 2013

okay this week was CRAZY. so much happened. I probably say that every week, but oh well. We had two investigators that we were preparing for baptism last Saturday, but due to a lot of issues that came up we weren't sure if we would be able to have it that day. we ended up with a very tense meeting in which we all were able to share our testimonies and promise her blessings for obeying this specific commandment, and in the end, she just looked up and said, "okay. I'm in." We were teaching her daughter as well, who was so amazing, she loved everything we taught and wanted to get baptized even before we started teaching her. After everything possible that could have gone wrong went wrong (seriously), we were able to have her interview and have the baptism last saturday!

so me and sister ikegami go to the chapel at like 315 to check on the font and get everything ready for the baptism that night, and check the water...and it comes out orange. Not like a little rusty, bright. orange. so we proceed to spend an hour and a half cleaning the font in our skirts, it was absolutely disgusting and full of spiders. but in the end the service went great and it all worked out!

the rest of the week went well, we might have discovered the best taco stand in fremont by our house and we might have gone three times last week and we might be regulars (she asked us if we wanted to split it even before we ordered, i feel so special). and i got to finally contact in spanish a few times this week. and we met the funniest old lady I have ever met last week, I was dying. and we have a 90 year old investigator that showed up to church with her oxygen tank, it was so great! love fremont.

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