Wednesday, September 18, 2013

(147) "well you're either LDS or the mormons!" "um we're both actually"

27 Aug 2013

made it through my first week here! it's been really fun actually. we have to work with all three wards and it gets a little crazy and confusing, especially since they all work differently and each has their own set of elders, so we just float around and teach all of the single sisters.

which is where it gets really entertaining. we have quite the assortment of crazy cat ladies, crazy bird ladies, crazy dog ladies, crazy photos-of-the-grandkids ladies (which president watkins can give any of them a run for their money, we spent the first twenty minutes of zone conference looking at pictures of his daughter and grandson), and it is SO much fun. some have really cool stories...and some are just batty but either way it's always entertaining. we visit a lot of older widows in the ward, so it's very different from my old area. it seemed a lot slower at first, which it is, but I just had to get used to a different approach. fremont is a really hard area to contact people in, the majority of the population is indian or persian, so almost everyone we talk to in the streets (that is friendly enough to talk) speaks hindi or farsi, or chinese for that matter. I love the diversity...but I wish I could speak it! our zone leaders are chinese speaking and one of our wards has an asl branch so those elders are asl (and have secret conversations in front of us...and my asl that consists of the alphabet and the chorus of what doesnt' kill you makes you stronger by kelly clarkson doesnt' help much). so it's a lot of fun! learning a lot!

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