Wednesday, September 18, 2013

(168) liver pate

16 September 2013

first off yes i'm still in fremont no I don't have my visa no I'm not getting transferred
(I might just copy/paste this in every correspondence with anyone in the future)
I promise I will let you all know when it happens!

but we had a really good week! we got two new investigators, and one of the ones we've been working with for a long time came to church! so that was really exciting. as you can see from the picture we (okay I) had to make a schedule for each sunday, it gets a little crazy with three wards/two buildings. but we at least made it to central park this week. centerville is overflowing with members, but glenmoor has been struggling with attendance, so we were trying to come up with ways to help, when we came across the ward mission plan! yes that has existed this whole time!

basically the plan for the year was to have 12 baptisms in the glenmoor ward by the end of the year. and so far they are at a whopping total of one! so we have a ton of work to do in the next three and a half months. we decided to come up with inviting lessons to share with each member and hopefully incre3ase referrals. our bishop is awesome and was totally all for it, so much so that he surprised us by announcing at the end of sacrament meeting "oh by the way we are getting 36 new investigators by te end of the year." Umm. Okay. Sounds good! so will will probably be working like crazy this week! we do get to do a don of fun stuff this transfer, like go to the temple and CONFERENCE and we have a sisters retreat next week, so it'll be fun!

160) misericordia

  9 Sep 2013

okay this week was FANTASTIC


We had been teaching her all summer; she was living with a member and we were able to get to know her and her family and teach all of them. Her mother and two oldest childern were baptized, but she hadn't ever felt like she should or that she had recieved a specific answer. so we were working with her and helping her develop her faith. my very last day in San Jose she agreed to be baptized, she had felt the spirit so strongly over the last couple of weeks. so this past week they were able to set up the date for this past saturday (the day I was waiting for the call our PHONE stopped working all afternoon, I thought I was going to die) and we got to go down and be there for her baptism! thankfully I can still speak spanish. and I found out that the family we were wroking with to come back to church has been coming every sunday, including the daughter we were really worried about, and having family home evening! it was definitely they highlight of my mission so far. AH i miss los alamitos.

this week went pretty well! we really need to get more contacts and people to teach, but we are doing okay. we had three correlation meetings yesterday and are working with all of the elders to cover all three of our wards. it is hard when we don't really have a home base to go to, since the elders cover the wards, but there are a few single sisters that we can try to visit. got a LOT of (nice) rejections from people who are very not interested in returning to church, but since we are sisters they give us hugs and say nice things, so it's okay.

fun things this week: it RAINED last monday! for like five minutes, but there was a double rainbow and everything! it was wonderful. but now it's hot again. our house is a disaster, and the yard is an absolute disgrace, so I've been weeding every morning for exercise, so it's made a huge difference already. we did come home to catch a guy stealing oranges from our front yard, so awkward. so i may have put "thou shalt not steal" in the front window...hopefully we don't get robbed. There was a police car staking out our neighbors last night so that's great.

Transfers are this next week, so I'll probably be moved again, guess we will find out on Saturday! if i get my visa this week I'll be in brazil next monday (CRAZY) but who knows what will happen. The Lord definitely has a plan for me here, guess I'll find out when I'm done here!

(154) "I'm in."

3 Sep 2013

okay this week was CRAZY. so much happened. I probably say that every week, but oh well. We had two investigators that we were preparing for baptism last Saturday, but due to a lot of issues that came up we weren't sure if we would be able to have it that day. we ended up with a very tense meeting in which we all were able to share our testimonies and promise her blessings for obeying this specific commandment, and in the end, she just looked up and said, "okay. I'm in." We were teaching her daughter as well, who was so amazing, she loved everything we taught and wanted to get baptized even before we started teaching her. After everything possible that could have gone wrong went wrong (seriously), we were able to have her interview and have the baptism last saturday!

so me and sister ikegami go to the chapel at like 315 to check on the font and get everything ready for the baptism that night, and check the water...and it comes out orange. Not like a little rusty, bright. orange. so we proceed to spend an hour and a half cleaning the font in our skirts, it was absolutely disgusting and full of spiders. but in the end the service went great and it all worked out!

the rest of the week went well, we might have discovered the best taco stand in fremont by our house and we might have gone three times last week and we might be regulars (she asked us if we wanted to split it even before we ordered, i feel so special). and i got to finally contact in spanish a few times this week. and we met the funniest old lady I have ever met last week, I was dying. and we have a 90 year old investigator that showed up to church with her oxygen tank, it was so great! love fremont.

(147) "well you're either LDS or the mormons!" "um we're both actually"

27 Aug 2013

made it through my first week here! it's been really fun actually. we have to work with all three wards and it gets a little crazy and confusing, especially since they all work differently and each has their own set of elders, so we just float around and teach all of the single sisters.

which is where it gets really entertaining. we have quite the assortment of crazy cat ladies, crazy bird ladies, crazy dog ladies, crazy photos-of-the-grandkids ladies (which president watkins can give any of them a run for their money, we spent the first twenty minutes of zone conference looking at pictures of his daughter and grandson), and it is SO much fun. some have really cool stories...and some are just batty but either way it's always entertaining. we visit a lot of older widows in the ward, so it's very different from my old area. it seemed a lot slower at first, which it is, but I just had to get used to a different approach. fremont is a really hard area to contact people in, the majority of the population is indian or persian, so almost everyone we talk to in the streets (that is friendly enough to talk) speaks hindi or farsi, or chinese for that matter. I love the diversity...but I wish I could speak it! our zone leaders are chinese speaking and one of our wards has an asl branch so those elders are asl (and have secret conversations in front of us...and my asl that consists of the alphabet and the chorus of what doesnt' kill you makes you stronger by kelly clarkson doesnt' help much). so it's a lot of fun! learning a lot!