Monday, August 19, 2013

(139) ET free moont

Subject: (139) ET freee moooont
so long story short, I just got emergency transferred to fremont! right when miracles were happening in san jose...but that's okay. thursday afternoon president called me into his office and said, we need you in fremont, see you at 8 am tomorrow morning. pretty much. So. My new companion is Sister Ikegami, who came out at the same time as me. she is from tokyo/seattle, which is super fun, someone who will eat sushi with me! finally.
I did get one last meeting with our main investigator, we brought along the relief society president again and she just went wtih the whole lesson and invited her to be baptized AND SHE SAID YES! it's been at least seven years, it's incredible how amazing these past few weeks have been with her. I'm so happy for her. hopefully it will be soon so I can go down to San Jose. it's amazing the power of faith, miracles really do happen when you set those goals and work for them.
Fremont is...different haha. There is no one in the streets, a cornfield in the middle of downtown, and lots of roosters in the morning. we live right outside of the niles district (in a HOUSE with LAUNDRY, it's wonderful.) with the spanish sisters, and it's us four covering the whole stake. we focus on three of the wards, so we were at church for seven hours yesterday, starting at 7 am. that was fun. so we visit mostly widows and teach single sisters that the elders can't for all three areas. sis ikegami's companion had to go home with medical issues, that had kept her in bed for a couple of weeks, so things have really slowed down here. so plenty of work to do! we have a double baptism next week, which will be really cool! There are a ton of rms in these wards that speak portuguese, including one that just got home from my mission, so it feels like a blessing in disguise, that even though I miss my spanish ward like crazy (and can't pray in english anymore) I'll have some time to focus on portuguese for a bit. they are definitely keeping us for the transfer so i'll be here until at least mid-september. so we'll see how this goes!

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