Saturday, August 17, 2013

(132) that ain't the language they taught me in the MTC

OI                                                                                         12 Aug 2013

okay this week was WONDERFUL. we started our new crazy high goals for the transfer and we met ALL OF THEM so far. it's been insane but we've been blessed so much. it seriously all comes down to faith. we got six new investigators all last transfer (6 weeks), and we got the same amount in three days this week. we also totally surpassed our goals for lessons and contacts as well. unfortunately not for church attendance but that's okay because our little eternal investigator came for the second time!

it's a very interesting story, her mom was baptized, as well as her sister, and her two older kids, but she didn't feel ready so she hasn't. she did go to church all the time in her other area with her kids and her mom but she never got baptized. she loves the story of joseph smith, but never really understood the lessons, even though she has gone through countless missionaries. but we've been working with her and going over the lessons step by step, she reads the pamplets and circles everything she doesn't understand, and she is not afraid at the end of explaining a whole long concept when you ask if she understands to say nope. haha. I love her though, she is hilarious. but she has really been feeling the spirit, especially at church, and she has never been able to pray out loud (in ten years, mind you), but with the help of her friend she did it last week!! it's been amazing to watch her grow, I really think she is ready! and for all of this visa waiting nonsense, if I hadn't been here this transfer I wouldn't be able to see it. so I'm just going to have to tell her that I won't get my visa until she gets baptized, so she better get on it! just kidding. but really.

we also met some amazing people this week. so this one day last week we decided not to jaywalk since we were being "exactly obedient" and ran into the sweetest man, he can't read or anything but was interesting in meeting with us. we walked by his house yesterday and had a quick lesson, and he is going to talk to "la hermana" and try to come to church next week! so we had a little (big) scratch on our door from trying to park too close to a pole (long story), so we got the estimate on fixing it and everything last week. so we come back to our car and he said "oh by the way, I cleaned off the paint from your car" so we look and he got ALL the paint off! i have no idea how but the scratch is now barely visible! it was incredible! the Lord definitely takes care of us through others.

so funny story: I went to Yerba Buena to help out Hna Kofford, so I got to be sister barker's companion for a couple afternoons last week! we contacted in spanish one day, but the next day we went to the little portugal area to contact in portuguese too. okay THAT IS NOT THE SAME LANGUAGE JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS. this is how the conversation went:

"excuse me, but what language do you speak?"
"oh yay! estavamos buscando para pessoas com que podemos falar!"
"Oh sim, shsmshsmshmsh shmshmshsm Portugues shmshmsh shsmshshshmsh"
"heh heh...uh huh?"
"shs hsmshsm shsm shmshsm shm Santa Clara shsm shsmhsmsh"
"heeh okay, obrigada! tenha um bom dia!"

holy cow that was not brazilian portuguese. So that was a bit of a flop but we've been sufficiently humbled now. but sis voyles got a brand new visa waiter who is going to sao paulo east, so we are going to practice every week! so i'm excited. plenty of work to do...

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